The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance (ESPA), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, launched its Web Site ESPA is a non-profit organization that aims to deliver education and credible certification that is universally recognized as the path to a career in electronics systems contracting. Founding partners include the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), and National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA). ESPA seeks to “calm the noise” and unify the electronic systems industry with a qualified workforce that is valued in the marketplace. ESPA plans to launch its education and certification products this fall.

As a recruiting tool, the ESPA Web Site offers information on where and how the certification process begins, as well as a glimpse into advanced career possibilities with ESPA licensees and affiliates. The goal is to be a clearinghouse for people who are thinking about a new career or a first career to gain some insight into the electronic systems industry. Anyone wishing to submit items for the site should contact Jennifer Barten atjennifer.barten@espa.orgor (319) 861-8621.