The Bosch C900V2

The Bosch C900V2 Dialer Capture Module allows standard alarm panels to communicate over the Internet or intranets. It transmits user and zone numbers, helping monitoring centers respond effectively. With C900V2, end users can take advantage of IP technology without learning a new system, making it ideal for upgrading existing installations.

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AES IntelliNet

Wireless mesh networking is an innovative technology for applications that need to communicate data over a large geographic area with a high level of reliability, at a low cost of ownership. AES-IntelliNet Alarm products are UL-Listed and NFPA – 72 compliant.

Please contact AES at:info@aes-intellinet.comor visit our website for more

Affiliated Central Inc.

Affiliated Central Inc., with the highest UL listing for a monitoring center and IQ certification, is the nationwide leader in alarm monitoring for independent security professionals. Our dealers will tell you that what distinguishes Affiliated Central from the competition is our one and only commitment - alarm monitoring. Call 1.800.296.9000 today!
Michael Zydor

American Response Center

American Response Center: U.L. [UUFX], reliable, professional alarm monitoring via digital, cellular, and internet, including 2-Way; all major formats. 25+ years experience; account access via internet; Bold software; award-winning printed materials for subscribers; NO installing company; operators average 10+ years experience with live phone answering always - no voice mail.

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Jim Osborne,Sr., President 800-498-7565


GPS tracking is hotter than ever, and we offer solutions for vehicle fleet management & asset recovery. Both are ideal for your existing commercial clients, have web-based interfaces, & will help tap new markets. Learn about the benefits & increase your RMR today!

Visit or call 800-367-2677 ext. 1257.

Boost your recurring revenue with DSC’s Award-Winning* GS3055-I

The DSC GS3055-I GSM alarm communicator is the only major brand that provides full reporting from any Contact ID panel.

Other competitive advantages include:
  • GPRS
  • Fast: reports directly to monitoring station, without the need of a clearing house
  • 4 inputs
  • UL/ULC listed
  • Back-up battery
*Winner of SIA’s New Product Showcase Award, Monitoring at ISC West.

Fire-Lite’s NEW Internet Fire Communicator (IPDACT).

  • Eliminates the cost of one phone line and pays for itself in just a few months
  • Supervises every 90 seconds, as opposed to once every 24 hours
  • Uses your existing internet or intranet connection
  • Uses industry standard Contact-ID
  • Compatible with Fire-Lite’s leading line of fire products
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One Firelite Place, Northford, CT 06472

2007 Security & Custom Electronics Sourcebook

Honeywell’s new Sourcebook is here! The popular, comprehensive four-color catalog provides dealers with one-stop access to information on the full line of our world-class security products and services, including the exciting new GSM GPRS alarm communications solutions! Get your free copy today! Call 1-800-467-5875 and request part number L/SCBK2007/D.

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Micro Key Software Announces WebView Module

WebView enables central stations and alarm dealers to access their account database from any Web-enabled computer to create online reports or simply search, sort, segment, and update account information. Customers can modify their password or contact information. The module is intelligent enough to recognize the type of user, based on sign-in, and will automatically set permissions.

Nationwide Digital

  • GE Mastermind Automation System
  • MASweb Dealer Access
  • Internet, Video and Elevator Monitoring
  • Two Way Voice Monitoring
  • Cellular & VOIP Solutions
  • Your own 800 # Option
  • Billing Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • NearNet Radio (Covers NYC,Nassau and Suffolk)
  • Guard Response Services
  • UL Certified Central Burglar Alarms “A”
  • UL Certified Central Burglar Alarms “AA”
  • NYC Fire Dept Approved Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Monitoring
75 West Merrick Road, Freeport, NY 11520

Sentry Net

We are a nationwide, wholesale, automated central station with DISASTER READY HOT REDUNDANT FACILITIES in Greenville, MS, and Pensacola, FL. Stations are UL and FM listed and staffed by SIA certified operators. We Provide monitoring for commercial, residential, industrial, and PERS. All formats accepted and technical service provided. We also offer video, IP and internet monitoring.

517 N. Baylen Street
Pensacola, FL 32501
Fax 850-434-0034

United Central Control

Simply superior service and technology. United Central Control (UCC) has the best people to support your company and the leading edge of technology providing video monitoring and access control solutions to help increase your RMR. Call 888.TEAM.UCC today to see how UCC can help you.

For more information please call 888.TEAM.UCC (832-6822) or visit our website