Honeywell and Imprivata team up to provide an integrated physical/logical access control solution.

Honeywell and Imprivata have collaborated to offer a complete solution that integrates physical and IT access control for greater enterprise security and policy management. The solution combines Honeywell’s Pro-Watch physical access control system with Imprivata’s OneSign Physical/Logical location-based authentication solution. The combined solution will enable organizations to grant or restrict access to physical locations, IT networks and applications based on an individual’s credentials. The integration of Pro-Watch and OneSign Physical/Logical allows security managers to leverage the Pro-Watch physical security platform to improve IT security and increase the value of existing Pro-Watch system investments.

“The integration of Pro-Watch and OneSign Physical/Logical lets customers extract greater value from their existing keycard and door readers,” said John Lorenty, president, Honeywell Systems Group. “Because it works with existing network authentication infrastructure to provide a single audit trail, this solution delivers a way to maximize existing security investments.”

Pro-Watch is Honeywell’s complete security management platform that integrates access control, intrusion, video surveillance and CCTV into a single system. OneSign Physical/Logical is a component of Imprivata’s OneSign identity and access management platform, which seamlessly integrates single sign-on, user provisioning, physical access control and event reporting to provide one automated employee information access policy managed and enforced within a single administrative framework. OneSign Physical/Logical leverages Pro-Watch to allow or deny network access based on a user’s physical location, organizational role, and/or employee or badge status.

The combined solution is available today through the Honeywell dealer channel. For more information,