CentraLite Systems Inc. announced JetStream, a new wireless lighting control system that delivers unmatched convenience and simplicity while being virtually invisible in a home or business. The system is expandable and can be integrated with other automation products, such as thermostats, entertainment systems, and security equipment. JetStream’s state-of-the-art design allows its intelligent keypads to broadcast directly to each other; no master controller is needed. Professional installation is fast and easy. Simply replace existing light switches with new JetStream dimmers and keypads and the system is ready to operate in minutes. JetStream’s LaunchPak ships with five installation-ready, pre-programmed dimmers. Up to 200 devices can be easily added if fuller coverage is desired. JetStream provides 512 dimming levels and the ability to compose up to 100 lighting scenes and 50 timed events. With every light on the network addressable, the system can be triggered to turn on all house lights in a crisis, or even flash to signal help. JetStream is based on ZigBee technology.CentraLite Systems Inc.

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