EMI Security Products will display its complete range of professional security solutions at ISC West in booth 9055 for the first time since being acquired by Mayville Products Corp., last March. Since 1985, EMI Security has been a leading provider of CCTV security camera enclosures, mounts, DVR and VCR lock-boxes, and monitor mounts for CRT and LCD monitors. The Magnum and Mini Magnum CCTV camera housings are two flagship products for EMI Security Products that will be on display at ISC West.  Designed for harsh outdoor environments, the Magnum line of camera housings offer superior protection in very cold, very hot, very wet and very windy environments.  Made of a durable ABS polymer, the housings are corrosion resistant; include heaters, blowers, cable pass mounts, stainless-steel screws, and a patented feature to easily adjust the position of the camera in the housing.Mayville Products Corporation

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