Solving the challenges of today’s complex security threats calls for best-of-breed solutions, leading-edge technology, and the ability to apply innovation. Where can security professionals go to access and preview the newest innovative products? All in one place: The Security Industry Association’s (SIA) New Product Showcase at this year’s ISC West, to be held April 2 through 4, 2008, at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.

More than 100 new products will compete for awards in 17 categories at this annual program that honors the security industry’s most technologically forward new products. New Product Showcase (NPS) winners are often seen as harbingers of the best new technologies for security professionals to source and preview on the ISC West show floor.

“By showcasing only the most innovative security products on the market, New Product Showcase provides a one-stop shop for buyers interested in learning about new security products and trends,” says Richard Chace, executive director and CEO of the Security Industry Association. “In addition, buyers can visit the New Product Showcase site,, anytime before, during or after the show to view photos and read in-depth product profiles.”

Several new categories will make their debut at this year’s Showcase, which will enable virtually every product segment on the show floor to be represented. Among the new categories are IP products, convergence, and critical/mass communications.

“SIA’s New Product Showcase is where the best of the industry gets showcased to an international audience,” observes Ed Nichols, vice president of ISC events. “Security professionals need to make the Showcase and its Web site one of their first stops in planning their time at the show.”

The judging begins on April 1 in an all-day process. Once completed, the judges determine each category winner and then ultimately select the “Best of NPS Innovation” award. In 2007, this award went to RSI Video Technologies’ Videofied.

“We have opened new vertical markets such as government, construction and utilities through the weight of the award and the acceptance of the product within the security industry,” says Keith Jentoft, president of RSI Video Technologies. “In fact, this year we are entering our new technology solution for a growing concern ­â€” copper theft — and we are looking forward to competing in this year’s Showcase.”

SIA’s New Product Showcase Awards will be presented on April 2 at 3:00 p.m., in the Special Events Area on Level 1 at the Sands Expo Convention Center.

“This is truly an exciting experience,” Chace exclaims. “New Product Showcase is always a highlight of the ISC West show.”

SDMis proud to present the 2008 New Product Showcase entries on the following pages. The products are featured as described by the companies completing their NPS entry forms. You may also review them online


CrimeGuard is a video surveillance facial recognition system currently used by all 3VR customers. It is the world’s first and most advanced video-based biometric application. CrimeGuard works with low-fidelity video images from multiple camera sources as compared to today’s systems that only handle single high-fidelity images. This unique capability makes CrimeGuard the only facial recognition system to work with conventional surveillance networks.

3VR Security

Cougar 100 Cellular Wireless Video Camera

The Cougar 100 streaming video surveillance camera provides state-of-the-art compression and encryption for secure video surveillance.  Streaming video or JPEG images can be sent over a cellular network to the Cougar Server via standard IP networks.

AccelWork Inc.

Novus Micro Secure 100

The Novus Micro Secure 100 from Alpha Technologies Ltd. is a 100W/VA indoor/outdoor UPS. It offers reliable backup power for small critical loads such as security cameras, surveillance systems and Wi-Fi networks. The NEMA 3R rated enclosure provides protection in outdoor installations. Automatic Voltage Regulator is designed to give power stability in unpredictable environments and constant voltage during varied power conditions. The Novus Micro Secure 100 is available in either 120VAC/50Hz or 230VAC/60Hz models.

Alpha Technologies Inc.

Supervisor 4000 Full Panel Glass Barrier Optical Turnstile

Alvarado’s Supervisor 4000 Full-Panel Glass Barrier Optical Turnstile offers operational flexibility while providing high-level security in corporate/government buildings. With a high throughput rate, reliable performance, and attractive styling, the SU4000 offers the end user the ability to create and display custom graphics and audio messages on its built-in TFT displays. Onboard diagnostics send automatic email alerts to security staff notifying them of any operational problems, thus reducing the time it takes to get back online.

Alvarado Manufacturing Company


ARTECO-MOBILE is a JAVA-based software designed for pocket PCs and SmartPhones that allows instant access to real-time video from a network enabled ARTECO-IVS.  When the IVS detects an event, it sends a real-time email to personnel with event details and a JPEG snapshot of the event taking place.  With ARTECO-MOBILE, personnel can then instantly pull up real-time video on their phone for further verification.

Arteco Vision Systems

AVerDigi EB1704HB WiFi-4

Enter a future without restrictions, enter the AVerDigi world! Here surveillance is not only powerful, but also effortless. The new AVerDigi EB1704HB WiFi-4 combines a state-of-the-art DVR, pre-configured wireless router with four wireless IP cameras to provide instant video footage by simply powering on! Armed with unique hacker-proof encryption technology, intelligent features such as motion detection recording, crystal-clear video access anywhere, anytime – the EB1704HB WiFi-4 is first in the world to provide surveillance without restrictions!


Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System V3.0

Delivering a breakthrough in HD video performance, Avigilon’s High Definition Surveillance System V3.0 provides the industry’s highest image quality and 16 megapixel digital PTZ for monitoring critical assets and infrastructure. Supporting the industry’s widest range of cameras, from analog to 16 megapixels, the Avigilon High Definition Surveillance System offers the lowest bandwidth and longest record times of any HD system in a plug-and-play package that doesn’t require specialized IT knowledge to deploy and manage.


AXIS 233D Network Dome Camera

AXIS 233D Network Dome Camera offers high-performance video at 30/25 fps at 4CIF in MPEG4 and Motion JPEG. Extreme precision, 35X optical and 12X digital zoom make it possible to see detailed images and follow moving objects from a long distance. Wide Dynamic Range ensures high-quality video and progressive scan reduces motion blur from moving objects. Electronic image stabilizing takes away vibrations caused by traffic or wind, giving sharp images on moving objects.

Axis Communications Inc.

AXIS 209MFD Network Camera

AXIS 209MFD Network Camera, with megapixel resolution has a compact size and flat, non-invasive design with high-quality video in Motion JPEG and MPEG-4. It is quickly and easily mounted on ceilings or walls, and supports Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) reducing installation costs by powering the camera over the network. With progressive scan, this indoor camera delivers crisp clear images for easy identification, and high-performance monitoring.

Axis Communications Inc.

AXIS 215 PTZ Compact Day/Night Camera

AXIS 215 PTZ is a compact day and night camera that offers pan/tilt/zoom control over IP networks and auto-flip functionality that provides 360 degree panning. 12X zoom, auto focus and audio alarm together with simultaneous MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG provide a solution for effective monitoring. Built-in, two-way audio support enables remote users not only to view, but also communicate with visitors or intruders, thereby increasing the monitoring options.

Axis Communications Inc.

Mighty Mo Telecom Enclosure

Ortronics Mighty Mo Telecom Enclosure wall mount solution combines advanced cable management with security and flexibility, offering an ideal solution for deploying CCTV cameras, security access devices or other IT components to remote areas or locations. It features a brush cable exit that prevents dirt and debris from entering the enclosure and simplifies rearrangements of the exiting cable(s) to accommodate moves, adds and changes. Optional cooling fan and air filter is available.


Adventum Tight-Buffer, Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Berk-Tek’s new Adventum tight-buffer, indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable, designed specifically for security applications, incorporates 1 or 2 tight-buffered optical fibers loosely floating (strain free) within a dry water blocked buffer tube. Tight buffered fibers eliminate the need for fan out kits and allow easy field termination. Available with standard optical fibers, as well as bend insensitive SMF and laser optimized MMF.  Indoor/outdoor, plenum or riser flame rating enables building entrance without requiring a transition point.


BioAxxis ThumbLock

The latest in stand-alone door lock security, utilizes fingerprint biometric access as the primary method of entrance. 1,000-user capacity, audit trail capable through two optional software platforms and even emergency backup for power loss. PIN code allows for alternative keyless entry or can work in combination with fingerprint to enhance security. Keyway is bump proof, pick proof and torque resistant. 100 percent weather proof, non-handed, and ANSI Grade 2 latch.

BioAxxis Development Corporation

Bosch Access Personal Edition

Access Personal Edition is an easy-to-use, modular access system for small to medium applications, such as retail stores, office buildings and manufacturing facilities. It supports up to 2,000 users, 64 readers and 16 workstations and uses the Bosch Access Modular Controller (AMC) hardware platform, which communicates through TCP/IP and RS485. The AMC can make access control decisions offline, ensuring reliable access control. All data is saved and automatically rebalanced when the system is back online.

Bosch Security Systems

Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM)

VRM provides centralized management of iSCSI RAIDs used for IP video recording. The software acts as a “traffic cop” by pooling all iSCSI RAIDs in a CCTV network and distributing video across them. This design simplifies installation by eliminating the need to estimate storage requirements for individual or groups of cameras. Cameras with large storage requirements are automatically allocated more disk space, which ensures the desired retention time is achieved across all cameras.

Bosch Security Systems

Secure Badgeholder

Secure Badgeholder is a rigid plastic holder that shields contactless smart cards against unauthorized access. A trademark of Identity Stronghold, the Secure Badgeholder provides a barrier to radio frequency signals that are necessary for communication with smart cards. No need to remove the card, squeeze the top and the card is able to communicate with reader — the card is shielded again as soon as the tabs are released. Wearer controls when the card is read.

Brady People ID

OnSite SE

OnSite SE is Brivo’s access control solution for larger, more complex applications that require data to be maintained within the organization’s own network. OnSite SE is a powerful IT “appliance”-based access control solution using a rack-mounted embedded Web platform, capable of provisioning and managing multiple networked control panels. Dedicated PCs with installed software are unnecessary, having been replaced with a Web-based intuitive user interface that can be accessed from any computer with access to the network.

Brivo Systems LLC

Merlin Graffiti Detection Sensor

Merlin is the revolutionary graffiti sensor destined to make its mark on the alarm and security monitoring industry! Merlin is a cost-effective, patent-pending innovation consisting of a covert, reliable, exterior-mounted acoustic sensor that is able to accurately determine the “fingerprint” of an aerosol graffiti event. With an exceptional coverage area, failsafe event detection, and affordable price tag, Merlin is the premiere anti-graffiti solution available today! Visit us at ISC West booth 17141 for a demo.

Broadband Discovery Systems Inc.

SnapShell FDA

The Snapshell FDA is an ID scanner that authenticates IDs by reading the hidden watermarks printed on the cards and comparing it to the data that is extracted by OCR.
  • Authenticate Drivers’ Licenses

  • Age verification

  • Significantly faster scan/OCR time – 1 to 2 seconds

  • Reads the OCR of drivers’ licenses and ID cards from all 50 U.S. states and more than 45 countries around the world

  • Easy to integrate into existing systems (Windows and Linux)
Card Scanning Solutions

GANZ 5000 Series Domes

Ganz Model ZC-DN5840NHAT  day/night dome offers industry-leading features and performance, including: 
  • 540 TVL resolution

  • Surface or flush mounting options

  • True day/night performance with IR cut filter retraction

  • Integrated Computar 8.5-40mm IR lens

  • Unique CS-mount camera design

  • UTP option using NVT passive transmitter

  • Proprietary 3 axis pan/tilt rotation mechanism

  • Service monitor BNC cable

  • Heater option

  • Full range of indoor/outdoor accessories

  • UL listed, 3 year warranty
CBC America Corp.

Cernium High-Density Analytics Server

The Cernium High-Density Analytics Server (HDAS) is an advanced analytics software solution for automated monitoring of large-scale enterprise video surveillance installations. Designed to operate within an IP-class video management system, HDAS generates and stores video metadata from every camera to allow for real-time intelligence or for mining information from recorded video. The software incorporates Cernium’s patented P-Core analytics engine – advanced video analytics technology that has been proven in other Cernium products.


BlueWave-enabled Wi-Fi Lock

The BlueWave Enabled Wi-Fi Lock takes a new twist on stand-alone electronic locksets. It’s no longer stand-alone and it’s closer in price to a stand-alone keypad lock than to a full access control solution. The BlueWave Enabled Wi-Fi Lock is connected to the rest of your IP network using standard, secure, reliable Wi-Fi wireless networking, but still boasts a year of battery life. Available in cylinder, mortise and proximity reader models.

Bluewave Security

Commend Campus Emergency Communication System

The Commend Campus Emergency Communication System is designed to provide the public with instantaneous access to emergency personnel and allows emergency personnel the ability to instantly make targeted or campus wide emergency alerts and evacuation announcements. The system is fully supervised and can be installed using hardwire, IP or a combination or both. Commend offers stanchions and security wall housings, plus a variety of tamper and weather resistant substations that excel in extreme weather environments.

Commend Inc

Controlled Vehicle Access System (CVAS)

The Controlled Vehicle Access System (CVAS) provides the most comprehensive solution for controlled vehicle entry points. Utilizing technology from Gatekeeper Security, CVAS automatically detects foreign objects or anomalies under a vehicle. CVAS incorporates under-vehicle imaging with other tools to gather a wide range of data, including license plate and database cross-referencing. CVAS can monitor vehicular access at multiple entry points at multiple locations, integrating them into the same security network.

Computer Technology Associations, Inc.

NetVu Console

The Dedicated Micro’s NetVu Console is the world’s first embedded “plug and play” remote network video surveillance system keyboard that is designed to allow users to easily deploy additional viewing stations. The solution allows customers to place one or more traditional PTZ control keyboards and monitors anywhere on the network with no need to retrain operators, configure a PC, or reprogram the device. Power and an IP connection is all that is required.

Dedicated Micros Inc.

D2216 Integrated CCTV Surveillance System

The revolutionary D2216 Series Integrated Surveillance System incorporates advanced performance and breath-taking product design. The system is designed to meet the most demanding specification of consultants and installers with a 240fps, 16-channel, network multi-function DVR and large 22-in. wide screen LCD monitor with mouse drive GUI.  At the same time, the cool “black chrome” design will make high-end residential and commercial end users want to show off this system to their visitors.

Digimerge Technologies Inc., a Strategic Vista Company

EDIsecure XID590ie Retransfer Card Printer

The XID590ie is the pinnacle of desktop retransfer identification card printing. Standard features include a three-year warranty on parts/labor, a lifetime printhead warranty, K-panel security ribbon erase, 1,000 print-per-roll dual-side high-definition color printing and a powerful multi-function driver. Optional features include inline contact, contactless and magnetic stripe encoding, inline single or dual-side lamination, gradient 256-scale UV Ink, Advanced Intelligent Printer Management of up to seven printers per PC, Invisible Personal Information and Ethernet connectivity.

Digital Identification Solutions


TimeSight VLM software technology enables users to regain control over their video surveillance storage investment by aligning video clarity and costs according to a company’s particular Risk/Retention profile.  By incorporating powerful video management and lifecycle management capabilities in a single video surveillance software offering, TimeSight enables companies to increase resolution and retention times while dramatically decreasing storage costs. TimeSight also delivers the needed flexibility to determine how long a specific video segment is needed to be stored based on size, camera or groups of cameras.  The patent pending encoder and rules engine are optimized for video surveillance and requires less than one-tenth of the storage requirement of a typical full image size over its useful life.

Digital Ocular Networks

EK3 Professional

ECKey is a technological breakthrough using a Bluetooth-based unit which is installed next to your electronic lock.  Once your cell phone is registered with ECKey’s reader, its mere presence will unlock the door, open the garage or even disable your alarm, without taking your phone out!  For added security, you may activate ECKey using a PIN number on your phone’s keypad. This innovation is achieved using our unique patented design which works with any Bluetooth product without installing any software.


StreamVision Enterprise Elite DVRS

StreamVision SV-Enterprise Elite series is a new addition to our high-performance Enterprise digital video management system with scalable architecture. The Elite series DVRs are built in heat efficient durable rack mount and server tower enclosures and are equipped with Dual-Core computing power. SV-Enterprise Elite systems feature hot-swappable hard drives a redundant power supplies. A complete StreamVision Enterprise license is included with 32 user access and powerful multi-site monitoring features.

Elartech Inc.

EX85 Megapixel-IP Infrared Imager

EX85 represents a culmination of today’s most advanced imaging technologies, combining dual megapixel sensors, IP Infrared Imaging (I3) design and Black Diamond night vision. Designed to provide absolute imaging performance for critical security applications, the EX85 is the world’s first megapixel camera optimized for all environmental conditions, including zero-lux darkness and harsh outdoor conditions.  The EX85 incorporates Bit-Reduce technology, stabilizing networks by minimizing bit rates and Black Diamond IR illumination for 420 ft. night vision.

Extreme CCTV

IPDACT Fire Alarm IP Communicator

The Fire-Lite Alarms’ IPDACT module enables the transmission of alarms from a fire alarm control panel via any IP network line (i.e. ADSL, cable, Internet). The IPDACT eliminates the significant expense of using two costly phone lines for alarm communications. A simple, add-on device designed to operate with virtually any fire alarm control panel, the IPDACT is UL listed per Code 864 9th Edition requirements and available at an outlet near you.

Fire-Lite Alarms Inc.

DirecDoor PoE controller

The DirecDoor controller from GE Security is a revolutionary new two-reader and two-door Power over Ethernet (PoE) IP-connected access control panel. It integrates with Facility Commander Wnx, Secure Perfect, and Picture Perfect access control and integrated security management software by GE. DirecDoor powers the door-lock hardware using PoE. Its simple Ethernet plug-in installation significantly reduces labor costs and allows new doors to be efficiently controlled using online access systems.

GE Security

GE SmartCommand

New from GE Security, the aesthetically pleasing SmartCommand LCD color touchscreen from GE Security provides the homeowner with complete comfort, convenience and control of multiple systems. Through seamless integration, SmartCommand provides intuitive, user-friendly control of GE Security’s intrusion alarm panels, room-to-room intercom and an independent multi-room audio solution. And as a scalable offering, it expands to control disparate lighting, heating and air conditioning systems through a single user-interface.

GE Security

DR2/DM2 Ultraview XP3 Fixed Dome Cameras

The DM2 and DR2 Ultraview XP3 security cameras provide high-quality surveillance images in a variety of discreet commercial applications. Each pixel is individually optimized to show details in shadows and highlights. This ultra-wide dynamic range camera option will deliver usable images in the most challenging high-contrast lighting conditions. The camera can be rotated 360 degrees and tilted 90 degrees into the most desirable viewing angle using the three-axis gimble mounting system.

GE Security

Simon XT Wireless Security System

Simon XT is a full-featured, self-contained wireless security system that is especially well-suited for houses, apartments, and condominiums. Installed in minutes and ensuring affordability, Simon XT provides reliable security for up to 40 zones of burglary and fire protection. Its built-in LCD display, touchpad and status speaker provide visual and voice message feedback, enabling effortless programming. With optional GSM communication, wireless central station monitoring and Web-based interactive services become an easy-to-use reality.

GE Security

AutoVu Sharp

Combining high-performance license plate recognition (LPR) and digital video processing the AutoVu Sharp is a complete standalone IP-based LPR solution that can be used in both mobile and fixed environments. The AutoVu Sharp is equipped with built-in illumination, together with two cameras – one high-resolution camera to provide accurate LPR reading, and one standard resolution color camera. It also contains a processor and is capable of reading plates at differential speeds up to 140 mph.


HDPii Instant Issuance Financial Card Printer

The HDPii Financial Card Printer was designed for on-site instant issuance of debit, credit and prepaid cards at banks, credit unions and retailers. Utilizing High Definition Printing, cards no longer need to be preprinted, embossed or indent printed. With instant issuance, customers receive their cards on the spot and start using them sooner. Plus, the banks cut costs by dramatically reducing their stock of preprinted cards and eliminating mailing costs.

HID Global

OnQueue Card Production Software

OnQueue Card Production Software is a scalable application that transforms multiple stand-alone ID card printers into one centralized system for large-volume card production. OnQueue offers flexibility in managing two to 20 card printers in a single system, thereby growing with an organization’s needs. OnQueue includes a client application that sends print jobs from networked PCs to a server, and the server-based application that manages and processes the jobs. All print information is stored in a central database.

HID Global

Hirsch Verification Station – General Purpose (Model RUU-GEN)

The General Purpose Verification Station is the industry’s only high security, multipurpose biometric edge reader. The RUU delivers extraordinary versatility: four authentication factors (card, code, fingerprint, PKI certificate check), four applications (verify claimed identities, control access, encode smart cards, enroll card holders in access control system), and 12 modes (finger-only, card+finger, code+card+finger, etc.).  The unit is IP addressable and can communicate with identity management systems, card management systems, access control systems, and PKI certificate authorities.

Hirsch Electronics

Lumina Pro/DSC

Lumina Pro integrates with DSC PowerSeries security systems and provides sophisticated lighting control that is affordable, easy to install, easy to operate, and offers unrivaled expandability. The Lumina Pro easily coordinates lighting, temperatures, audio, security, and much more. Integrating lighting control with the DSC security system is easy – there is no need to run new wires so long as the home is equipped with standard residential wiring!

Home Automation Inc.

DefendIR CZ

ICx Imaging Systems, a business unit of ICx Technologies, is pleased to announce that the DefendIR thermal imager is now available with Continuous Optical Zoom (CZ) capability. Much like a traditional CCD camera, the DefendIR CZ gives the user the ability to change fields of view while keeping the target in focus at all times. Featuring a 30-90 mm continuous zoom lens, the DefendIR CZ is the first uncooled infrared camera on the market with this type of capability.  Paired with ICx’s proprietary VisionSense technology and continuous 360-deg. panning; the DefendIR CZ ensures constant visual awareness that crosses both visible and infrared wavelengths.

ICx Technologies

IM Surrounder

The IM Surrounder provides total coverage with 360-deg. immersive surveillance. Based on a patented geodesic design, this revolutionary camera gets it all without blind spots or distortion. Six lenses record in all directions and the imagery is seamlessly stitched together in real time.  Users can look in any direction or view the entire image at once. Easy integration with existing infrastructure means it can replace or augment current systems. One space. One camera. Total coverage.

Immersive Media


BrightBlue by Schlage is a Web-based access control system. It allows users to access, monitor and manage their system from any computer running a standard Web browser. Designed for applications with 1 to 32 doors, such as small commercial buildings, K-12 schools and healthcare facilities, BrightBlue is the most intuitive access control system on the market today. With easy-to-use configuration wizards and help tips, even novice computer users can set up and navigate their system with ease.


Software Development Kit for Echostream Wireless Devices

The Inovonics Software Development Kit is a complete application development and deployment solution for creating, delivering, and supporting wireless security applications utilizing Inovonics security products. It allows developers to easily create custom applications using the provided tools and documentation. The SDK includes both a Software Tool Bench and the Network Configuration Utility, which is used to adjust wireless network parameters, register repeaters, monitor devices and analyze the wireless activity on the Inovonics Commercial Mesh Network.

Inovonics Corp

Intelligent Video Analyzer

The IntelliView IVA is a powerful middleware device that combines digital video recording (DVR), sophisticated video analytics, automated alarm and event notification, flexible networking capabilities, and configuration of multiple cameras into one compact package. This all-in-one intelligent video surveillance device delivers substantial client cost savings across multiple applications due to:
  • an unrivalled feature offering,

  • ease and speed of deployment,

  • minimal infrastructure requirements, and

  • compatibility with existing camera installations.
IntelliView Technologies Inc.

EdgeBlock M15 Scalable IP Video Storage

The proven Intransa EdgeBlock family adds the new M12, with 3 to 12TB of RAID protected, fault tolerant IP video storage in a compact 2RU footprint. Datacenter-grade EdgeBlock is ideal for new deployments using network cameras and video management of your choice. Or increase reliability, resolution and retention of existing NVRs/DVRs with an affordable EdgeBlock upgrade.  When your recording needs grow, Intransa video storage is always ready, growing modularly to 1,500TB capacity!

Intransa Inc.

IQeye Sentinel Series Camera

IQeye Sentinel Series is the first PoE all-weather megapixel network camera. The integrated, vandal and tamper-resistant design has a pivoting arm allowing for wall, ceiling, or parapet mounting. The entire unit is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Available with multiple resolution options from 1.3 to 5 megapixels and both standard and day/night configurations. High-quality lenses deliver superb images for any application. Features cast aluminum construction and ABS with a powder coat finish.



VN-V686WPU is JCV PTZ IP network camera with significant technical advances in design and manufacturing based on JVC core technologies. JVC has developed a dual-streaming MPEG/JPEG codec that has full frame rate on both streams. Camera has 36X optical zoom and image stabilizer. Direct drive motor provides fast/slow/silent PTZ with high reliability. Camera comes with complete IP66 outdoor housing. Camera head is designed for easy replacement without removing IP connections which contain camera settings.

JVC Corporation

E-Plex 5900 Card Connect Electronic Lock

Kaba’s new E-Plex 5900 Card Connect series lock is a battery-operated stand-alone electronic locking system that is “CoreStreet Enabled” with Card Connected technology built-in. Card Connected technology uses strong cryptography to securely extend a traditional hardwired on-line physical access control system to include the stand-alone E-Plex 5900 Card Connect locks that require no wiring. The lock exchanges access control related data with the PAC head-end via card holders with industry standard DESFire and Mifare smart cards.

Kaba Access Control


Keri Systems’ NetXtreme is a family of embedded TCP/IP access control panels, supporting a new generation of supervised network readers. Administration is through a completely new SQL, Client/Server software package that has been designed to maintain a measure of commonality to Keri’s acclaimed Doors Software. The newly introduced NXT series control panels will be available in either 2-door or 4-door versions and support readers and a remote option board, together on each communication buss.

Keri Systems Inc.

Thermal-Eye 2400xp Advanced

The Thermal-Eye 2400xp Advanced camera is equipped with “Gold Standard” infrared detector technology that offers 320 x 240 resolution. This is the only technology to deliver complete solar immunity – an absolute must in remote or unmanned security applications in which the camera’s position may face the sun directly. Available in two configurations – fixed mounted or pan-and-tilt – the 2400xp Advanced brings state-of-the-art capabilities to security professionals across the globe.

L-3 Communications Infrared Products

LEGIC Card-in-Card

LEGIC’s card-in-card solutions emulates a LEGIC transponder on contactless or dual interface smart card platforms provided by third parties. Only one single card is necessary. Seamlessly integrate logical access to PCs and networks and the LEGIC all-in-one area for physical access and related multi-applications on the same smart card chip. Create additional revenue in business and consumer markets through support of mobile phones featuring Near Field Communication (NFC).


Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector with Add-on Receiver in a Kit

Utilizing radio frequencies, the Linear DX-COKIT with its add-on DXR-702 wireless receiver and UL listed battery-operated, wireless DXS-80 carbon monoxide detector can be placed almost anywhere in the home. The Linear DXS-80 detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide without the expense of wiring. With such flexibility at an affordable price, the DX-COKIT is the quickest, most effective way to add carbon monoxide security measures to a new home security system or an existing security system.

Linear Inc.

March Networks LP Data Mining, Release 4.0

March Networks LP Data Mining is IP video-enabled exception reporting software for retail loss prevention and corporate policy compliance. The product integrates point-of-sale transaction data with synchronized video and retail operational systems. It applies customizable business rules to identify high-risk activities and enables users to conduct investigations and generate new reports dynamically via a Web-based dashboard. Optional risk and performance management modules help retailers track policy compliance and success metrics for further business intelligence.

March Networks Corp.


LILIN’s PIH-0384 series vari-focal infrared camera equipped with a 1/3-in. Sony ExView CCD and a high-resolution color 480TVL camera. High-efficiency infrared LEDs support radiant distances to 60 meters. Utilizes high quality aspherical and ED glass lenses (2.9-10 mm/ 9-22 mm), a built-in mechanical IR cut filter to provide bright daytime color and crisp nighttime B/W images. With an integrated IP66 rated aluminum housing and a cable management bracket, it’s a prefect all-in-one infrared camera for high-end applications.

Merit LiLin


LILIN’s 35X Super High Resolution D/N PTZ is a fully functional PTZ camera, with 35X optical zoom and 1/4-in. Sony ExView CCD. 256 configurations, a mechanical IR cut filter automatically switches between color 520TVL daytime and mono 580TVL at night. Privacy masking ensures data protection and security requirements are met. Supports OSD menus, 128 programmable presets, scheduling setup. OSD displays zoom ratio, date/ time, and pan and tilt angle. Innovative design facilitates easy installation.

Merit LiLin


XProtect Analytics – LPR (license plate recognition) reads, detects, alerts and stores license plate information from a video stream. XProtect LPR is ideally used for vehicle access control such as traffic surveillance and enforcement, toll and parking management, gas stations, transportation or any other situations where there is a need for registration, recognition and detection of vehicle license plates. License plate recognition protects assets and increases customer service and ultimately generates additional revenue streams.

Milestone Systems A/S

MOBOTIX D22 Vandalproof 3.1 Megapixel Camera

The new Mobotix D22 3.1 megapixel vandal-proof camera systems view and record images of up to 3.1 mega pixel (2048 x 1536). Video processing, motion detection and alarm, recording and storage management software in the camera itself reduces the demand for processing power from the primary PC. The decentralized MOBOTIX camera system structure puts the performance functions into the camera itself, reducing the load on the network, allowing dozens of cameras to record high-resolution streaming video to a single PC.


iSeeVideo EOP Kit

The integrated plug-in EOP camera/Internet-based video viewing system provides an easily installed means of the security dealer generating added RMR by offering new or existing accounts a remote video surveillance system with which they can look in on their home anytime, anywhere using a PC or Web-enabled cell phone. The high-resolution camera contained in the kit is wireless and uniquely plugged in, transformer-style, eliminating the need to run wires, as it uses Ethernet over power technology. The VGA resolution 640 x 480 camera is also connected to a plug-and-play module that automatically data-port forwards the high-quality steamed video data from the premises for viewing on the Internet. The kit includes 24 months’ account access to the Napco video server, on which their password-protected video is stored by event and/or archived with time-/date-stamp.

NAPCO Security Systems Inc.

TriWave Camera

NoblePeak Vision has developed a breakthrough zero lux night vision image sensor technology. TriWave has the ability to sense the short wave infrared (SWIR) light emitted by the earth’s atmosphere at nighttime. This “Night Glow” is at a wavelength that our eyes or standard silicon cameras cannot see. Day/Night video security cameras that incorporate NoblePeak’s TriWave based camera cores are now able to rapidly detect and identify people and objects at night without active illumination.

NoblePeak Vision Corp.

NVT’s Digital EQTM UTP Video Receiver Hubs

The DigitalEQ Hub allows transmission of CCTV color video up to 1-mile using Category UTP wire. The 8, 16 and 32-channel 1-U high Digital EQTM Hubs digitally compensate for cable attenuation, ground-loops, and wiring polarity reversals. No video equalization adjustments or attention to wiring polarity is necessary. The 8-channel and 16-channel Hubs feature a distribution amplifier for each input channel. They have transient protection, diagnostic LEDs, are UL listed, and have a lifetime warranty.

NVT-Network Video Technologies Inc.


Situator — a Situation Management software solution — supports all phases of incident management in integrated control rooms for the security and safety markets. With advanced yet easy-to-use planning tools, Situator transforms routine and emergency plans into actionable, adaptive tasks and procedures and integrates them with virtually any security and safety devices, device controllers, systems and dynamic data sources. Situator coordinates the interaction between people, alerting sources and response actions for managing the organization’s routine security, and emergency situations.

ORSUS Solutions 

OzLine 2IP

  • Providing remote video services to the residential and SME markets.

  • Connected to standard wireless and lined cameras.

  • Streaming over DSL, cable, satellite, and cellular connections.

  • Real plug-and-play installation to the Internet.

  • Providing event driven and continuance offsite recordings, notification via text messaging and e-mail, remote trigger verification.

  • Live multi look-in.

  • Secured privacy, constant keep-alive test, no moving parts, view using Windows Explorer and cellular player.

  • The next generation of CCTV.
OzVision America

Panasonic i-Pro WV-NS954 Network PTZ Camera

The i-Pro WV-NS954 is the most advanced network PTZ available for indoor applications or outdoors in a camera housing. With SDIII technology for the best images attainable in any lighting, plus: dual-stream MPEG4/JPEG output; SD memory card slot; auto tracking; 256 preset functions; super-slow and fine manual PTZ movement yet high-speed movement for mission-critical object tracking; and endless PTZ operation for superior picture quality with no digital-to-analog-to-digital conversion thanks to the digital slip ring.


Pivot3 High-Definition Storage for Video Surveillance

Pivot3 High-Definition Storage supports up to 16 times the cameras at half the cost of other scalable storage options. Megapixel optimized, Pivot3 RAIGE (RAID Across Gigabit Ethernet) enables higher bandwidth and provides continuous availability through the failure of any disk, node or networking component. It installs in under 20 minutes and with an easy-to-understand interface can be managed by readily available server and networking personnel. Now available with 1TB drives!


XF-EE Series Transformers

The Amseco branded XF-EE Series energy-efficient transformers are specially designed for low-voltage applications. They meet California’s level IV requirements for power supplies. The XF-EE Series devices are considered “Green” because they use .75 watts of max. energy consumption in no load mode. The low energy consumption of these devices not only permits compliance and helps the environment, but also saves money through lower energy costs. UL approved and ROHS compliant.

Potter Electric Signal Co

AG-6000 Wireless Ethernet System

The AG-6000 series are wireless Ethernet systems for use in the 4.9 GHz public safety band.  The systems can be used to transmit video, audio and data up to 30 miles at data rates up to 108 Mbps. Enclosed in rugged NEMA 4 enclosures for demanding outdoor environments the systems have user-selectable channels, channel bandwidth and data rate. Maximum wireless security is provided by supporting WPA, 802.1x, WEP and AES.

Premier Wireless Inc 

plusID 75

The plusID line of identity verification tokens represents a fundamental shift in biometric security applications. Each personal, multi-function token replaces multiple access cards and passwords, delivering biometric authentication in support of regulatory compliance. With its built-in fingerprint reader and on-board 1:1 matching, plusID eliminates biometric databases and personal privacy concerns. By working with existing infrastructure (Windows Servers for logon and legacy door readers for physical access), plusID enables rapid, non-disruptive enterprise deployment with no installation or middleware required.


Proximex Surveillint 3.0

Proximex Surveillint is a premier physical security solution for policy-based incident discovery, connection and resolution. Powered by sophisticated rules and workflow engines, Surveillint takes advantage of existing security systems to speed incident response times, improve suspect apprehension rates and shorten the time required to resolve incidents and generate reports. Surveillint has an intuitive and comprehensive interface, superior incident reporting and auditing, and the ability to provide a complete overview of the organization’s entire security environment.


PC-100 ASCII Gateway

The PC-100 ASCII Gateway is a universal language converter that can receive any ASCII message and convert it so that third-party devices can be monitored seamlessly within the AxiomV access control system. This allows other systems to be monitored in real time and their events to be captured into a single database for easy retrieval and diagnosis. The PC100 also converts output language to control external systems as well. 



PoolOptix is an intelligent surveillance system designed to help pool owners and operators enhance the security and safety of their swimming pool environments. The system is comprised of CCTV cameras; a dedicated computer running patented video analytics software and notification devices.  At the heart of the system is an intuitive graphical user interface that offers simple out-of-the-box analytics, event-driven recording, automated system commissioning and outbound communications via e-mail or text message.


UB-1 Universal Button

STI’s new Universal Button provides the customer 240 combinations in one convenient and easy package (all for the price of a standard one configuration button). The faceplate is constructed of cast aluminum, allowing it to take tough knocks in stride, and is slightly oversized to cover old plate installation marks. Button package includes: two sets of Form C contacts, faceplate, three illuminated push buttons (red, blue, green), four interchangeable button messages and 10 interchangeable activation messages.

Safety Technology International

Samsung Electronics Anti Vandal Outdoor IP Dome Camera (SNC-B5395)

The new Samsung Electronics Anti Vandal Outdoor IP Dome Camera (SNC-B5395) combines 1/3-in. color Super-HAD CCD, 540 TV lines of high resolution, IR cut filter, true day night function, MPEG-4 and MJPEG flexible network performance and image transfer up to 720 x 480 (D1) resolutions at 30fps. Camera performance is enhanced with built-in video motion detection and a SD memory card slot which allows local storage of images and their retrieval over the network from compatible video management software (VMS). All of these features are packed into a vandal-resistant housing and made Samsung SNC-B5395 truly the best choice for the entire network camera features you want and need.


GVI (GV-UTP16PS) passive video transceiver Hub

The GVI (GV-UTP16PS) passive video transceiver Hub is a 16-port UTP concentrator that transmits video, power and data over a single CAT 5e cable. The cost of the UTP cabling and its easy installation compared to the traditional coaxial and power cabling makes this unit the next generation solution to receive real time color video up to 1200 ft. with passive transmitter. The unit features built-in ground loop isolation, transient suppression and integrated AC24V power supply. The standard 19-in. rack mount size, 1 unit of space occupation and elimination of the need for individual transceiver modules make this unit a perfect choice for a limited console room space.


Seagate SV35.3 Series Hard Drives

Seagate SV35.3 Series hard drives are designed to optimize performance, save power and improve reliability in digital video surveillance systems:
  • 250-, 500- and 750-GB, and 1-TB capacities.

  • Enterprise-class reliability for 24x7 video surveillance applications.

  • ATA-7 streaming commands optimize video streaming performance and integrity.

  • Reduced power consumption and heat generation.

  • Capable of operating under case temperatures up to 75 deg. C.

  • Enhanced caching capability — up to 32 MB — provides superior recording quality.
Seagate Tech

SK-ACP Wireless Access Control Panel

Secura Key’s SK-ACP Wireless Access Control Panel features wireless LAN connectivity to the SK-NET host software using standard 802.11 wireless routers. The panel controls two doors and stores access control privileges for up to 65,000 cardholders. The onboard wireless module with case-mounted antenna eliminates the cost and installation labor associated with outboard wireless adapters and separate power supplies. A compatible wired Ethernet module is also available for areas where the wireless signal is unavailable.

Secura Key

iSTAR Pro Rack Mount

Software House iSTAR Pro is the first standalone, rack-mountable access controller that can control up to 16 doors. The panel uniquely manages power and wiring for access control systems by combining lock power, separately fused lock outputs, and fire interlocks – all while leveraging traditional IT racks. Combined with easily removable wire connectors that enable quick installation, iSTAR Pro Rack Mount reduces costs and the space requirements associated with installing a panel on the wall.

Software House


Sony’s new SNC-DM110 megapixel minidome color camera features a 1/3-in. type complementary color progressive scan Exwave CCD. It has a 2.8 – 10mm, 3.6 varifocal lens with a minimum illumination of less than 3lx @ F1.3 and less than 1lx @ F1.3 with binning function. The SNC-DM110 also includes 16 presets, motion detection, microphone input and line output and PoE. An optional flush mount bracket (YT-ICB45) is also available.

Sony Electronics

Steelbox 1250 Media Appliance

Steelbox Networks continues innovating the middle market, bringing experience and capabilities from the world’s largest video surveillance installations to mid-market organizations. Introducing the Steelbox 1250 network media appliance. The 1250 enables simultaneous viewing, playback, and recording of 250 high-resolution, full frame rate MPEG video streams in a solutions that is price competitive to DVRs and PC-based NVRs that handle 634 cameras or less.

Steelbox Networks

SpectrAlert Advance Speakers and Speaker Strobes

The new SpectrAlert Advance speakers and speaker strobes offer a comprehensive selection of products that can be easily installed, maintained, and inspected in virtually any application. The plug-in design simplifies installations and helps prevent ground faults. Speaker strobes feature lowest current draws at the highest candela setting. System Sensor developed these indoor and outdoor appliances to provide the choice of high fidelity or high volume voice messaging wherever people need to hear them.

System Sensor

ID Card Printer Nisca PRC-101

The new single-sided ID card printer PRC-101 combines proven NiSCA high quality and durability standards with low maintenance requirements. Offering the first-ever rotating LCD panel and optional front or back exit boxes, the PRC-101 can be placed in any orientation to fit the office environment. Packaged with the badging application software, this simple and affordable out-of-the-box solution is great for every small organization, including police, libraries, schools, clubs, casinos, and more.

Team Nisca (Kanematsu USA Inc.)

SY125 Ultra Wide Lens

Theia Technologies’ SY125 Ultra wide rectilinear lenses for megapixel and high-resolution security cameras. Distortion is corrected optically in the lens; no de-warping software is required. 1.3mm focal length with up to 135 deg. horizontal field of view. Compatible with 1/2.5 in., 1/3 in., and ¼ in. cameras with resolutions up to 5 megapixels. DC auto iris or manual iris. CS and C mounts.

Theia Technologies

NetCanSee IP-Network Camera System

Netcansee is a total system, consisting of several components, which work in concert to bring video, audio and control together, as well as comprehensive recording functions. It offers users a choice of hardware or PC-based recording.

TOA Electronics

Kollector Lite

Vicon’s Kollector Lite XG is a value-priced addition to its line of network DVRs for use with the ViconNet digital video management system. It provides full-featured viewing, recording playback and control of 16 local cameras and may be viewed and controlled remotely through a ViconNet network. With 4 CIF recording, 60 and 120 fps models and up to 2 TB of local storage, the unit brings the entry price for premium performance digital video management to a new level.

Vicon Industries Inc.,%20NVRs%20and%20DVRs:Kollector%20Lite%20Series:3

Outdoor Wireless Video/Sensor

Affordable, portable, anywhere. Motion activates the integrated night vision camera and sends a 10-sec. video of the intruder over the cell network to the monitoring station and the site manager.   Secures appliances, generators and tools in construction sites. Operates for months on one set of batteries. Operates from -20F to 140F weatherproof rated (IP65). Up to 24 cameras on one system. Come see a live demo!


Outdoor Wireless ProximityCard Reader

The world’s first completely wireless, self-powered outdoor proximity card reader (MIFARE) for use in RSI Video Technologies’ Infrastructure Video Protection System (IVPS). The first totally wireless intrusion detection, access control and video reporting system that operates for years on batteries and reports over the cell network to the monitoring station. Breakthrough technology assures long battery life and simple operation in harsh environments. Mounts on chain-link fences, anywhere. Operates from -20 F to 140F weatherproof rated (IP65).


Infrastructure Video Protection System (IVPS)

The new RSI Video Technologies Infrastructure Video Protection System (IVPS) is a suite of products that provides totally wireless, self-powered indoor and outdoor intrusion detection, access control, remote management and reporting in a quickly installed professional security system. Designed to solve critical infrastructure security and access control problems for the utility industry and the military, the IVPS is an ideal low-cost solution to many less critical, yet important security problems.


UL-listed eLAN Panel

Easy installation. Easy programming. Easy recurring revenue. It’s all in the software. Stop by booth 17146 to learn why a fire detection system from Viking Electronic Services is a quantum leap in fire detection technology. Our UL-listed (864, 9th Edition) eLAN Panel, detection and monitoring services provide comprehensive coverage for mid- to large-scale installations and an easy revenue stream for Authorized Dealers. Approved vendor for Marriott International, Inc.

Viking Electronic Services


The K-1205 Entry Phone is a two-way, handsfree telephone with 12 buttons for calling individual residences in an apartment building. It also has a built-in color CCTV video camera. The rugged stainless steel faceplate has a printed directory housed in a waterproof, scratch-resistant lens. Each button is beside the tenant’s name in the directory so there are no confusing codes to deal with. Calling a particular tenant is as easy as pressing a single button!

Viking Electronics Inc.