Bosch Launches FACP with High-End Features

Bosch Security Systems Inc., Fairport, N.Y., unveiled the FPA-1000-UL Compact Fire Panel at ISC West 2009. This advanced analog-addressable control panel offers customers a unique Web-based approach for monitoring and maintaining the system and for generating reports.

A Web server and set of interactive Web pages provide an instant means to access important system functions, including programming, status, history files, diagnostic tools and test data. This capability reduces costs for end users by allowing access to the FPA-1000 from a central security office or any Internet-enabled location. With built-in Bosch Conettix IP technology, the FPA-1000 can also communicate over local or wide area networks for faster alarm reporting.

Designed for small to medium commercial or public buildings, the FPA-1000 is the first system in the industry to offer integrated gas detection, Bosch Security Systems reports. A dedicated blue LED indicator and a temporal pattern for signaling notification alert users to the presence of carbon monoxide and other hazardous gases. This capability helps customers meet the requirements of new state laws for carbon monoxide gas detection and the standards set by NFPA 720-2009.

Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for central station, local, auxiliary and remote station systems, the FPA-1000 also helps dealers reduce costs with essential equipment built into the unit. Each FPA-1000 fire panel incorporates notification appliance circuits, signaling line circuits, programmable relays, a power supply, digital alarm communicator transmitter and Ethernet connection.

“By equipping the FPA-1000 panels with these plug-in modules and accessories as standard elements, we eliminate the added costs of purchasing and stocking these supplies for installing dealers,” said Charles Davis, product marketing manager, Bosch Security Systems Inc. “This innovative product design delivers high-end features that are typically found only in larger, more expensive systems.”

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From Silent Knight, a Networkable & Scalable Fire Panel

Silent Knight, Maple Grove, Minn., showcased its new UL-listed IFP-2000 Networkable and Scalable Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel at ISC West 2009. Equipped with addressable architecture, such as individual point identification, drift compensation and maintenance alert, the IFP-2000 enhances reliability, locates problem areas and reduces costly false alarms, the manufacturer reports.

Targeted at medium- to large-size customers, the IFP-2000 is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability. It can be installed using existing fire system wiring and additional SLC loops using the 5815XL SLC expander to increase overall point capacity to a maximum of 636 points per panel. A complete array of IDP detectors and modules connect to the signaling line circuit. The IFP 2000 is a cost-effective solution for retrofitting and is easily expandable for upgrading existing systems.

The IFP-2000 is UL 864 Ninth Edition listed and FM approved, and is the most advanced solution ever offered by Silent Knight. The system has the interconnection capability for up to eight panels, and the networked system can be configured to emulate one large virtual system or be segmented into separate sites for multiple building applications. 9.0A of output power is available through all eight on-board Flexput circuits that can be configured for auxiliary power, notification outputs or conventional smoke detector inputs (Class A or Class B).

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Fire and Voice Evac in 1 Cabinet, from Harrington Signal

The T-2000E two-loop FACP can be combined with either a 25-, 50- or 100-Watt module combining quality audio with dependable fire products in a single enclosure. The two SLC loops can handle up to a total of 252 addressable devices with drift compensation and auto learn. The audio has up to eight Class B speaker circuits with live microphone override.

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Fire-Lite Gives Alarm Panels High-Tech Upgrades

Fire-Lite Alarms, Northford, Conn., has enhanced two of its most popular addressable fire alarm control panels, the MS-9200UDLS and MS-9600UDLS. Both panels offer faster polling speeds and support lower-cost wire and annunciation devices. A factory-installed digital alarm communicator with upload/download capabilities coupled with a USB port and new Microsoft® Windows™-based programming tools are additional innovations made to benefit installers. Enhancements were made in response to customer requests without an increase in price to distributors.

A fully loaded MS-9200UDLS panel supporting 198 devices or MS-9600UDLS panel with a maximum of 636 devices can now activate notification circuits within 10 seconds using LiteSpeed™ technology. LiteSpeed is a patented Fire-Lite protocol utilized by both fire alarm panels to poll detection devices in groups of 10. This polling scheme allows all system devices to be wired using standard twisted, unshielded wire over an increased distance up to 10,000 feet per loop.

In support of replacement or retrofit applications, both panels have been made to support new lower cost and legacy annunciation devices. The annunciators are installed remotely from the panel, providing control switches for critical system functions while showing information identical to the panel’s front LCD display.

For ease of installation, PS-TOOLS™ software incorporates the same look and structure as traditional Microsoft® Windows™ programs. This new programming utility can operate on virtually any computer platform. PS-TOOLS is available for download, free-of-charge.

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VES Makes Analog-Addressable Panels with Remote Access Software

VES Fire Detection Systems, based in King of Prussia, Pa., says it has developed one of the most technologically advanced analog-addressable fire alarm systems on the market. The eLAN™ Fire Alarm System and its remote access software component (eSP™ Business Suite) offer comprehensive life safety with easy-to-use remote programming and reporting access.

It is suitable for any size installation from your smallest to large scale. The eLan™ can be retrofitted to hotels, businesses and educational campuses. VES Fire Detection Systems are available through a network of approved dealers.

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GE Security Expands Fire & Life Safety Offering

GE Security Inc., Bradenton, Fla., a business of GE Enterprise Solutions, is featuring a newly launched FireworX brand of conventional and intelligent addressable fire and life safety systems, which represent a cost-effective fire alarm solution, the company says. With FireworX, any small to mid-size building can have the same installation and trouble-shooting features that were once only available on high-end life safety systems.

“Our customers are looking for a fire and life safety system that will ensure the protection of their property regardless of size,” says Mike Dickinson of D-Blaze Inc. “GE Security is a trusted name within the industry and they stand behind what they do. FireworX provides our customers comfort in knowing that such a system, similar to that used in larger hotels and buildings, has been adapted for their safety and protection.”

With control panels, devices, and accessories all engineered to work in unison, FireworX brand products provide reliable performance and the features needed for successful installation and worry-free operation, according to the manufacturer. From maintenance alerts and reporting via TCP IP connectivity to correlation configuration, no installation is too small for the convenience and reliability of intelligent addressable fire detection and system control.

“FireworX demonstrates that value doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality,” said Ted Milburn, product marketing manager for GE Security. “When it comes to life safety there is simply no room for compromise and that is why GE Security remains committed to providing our customers with the solutions they need to meet their security requirements regardless of the job’s scope.”

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