Honeywell announced the launch of its new EQUIP series, a family of IP network products composed of cameras, encoders, network video recorders and digital video recorders. With an open architecture and single application program interface (API), Honeywell’s line of EQUIP series products works consistently across IP-based systems. The IP cameras are available in PTZ, mini-dome, or box style. They transmit high-quality images over longer distances, and are capable of delivering video at a rate of 30 frames per sec. at 4CIF for real-time, high-resolution video recording. With advanced compression and digital functionality, users can stream and view live or recorded images over a network or the Internet. The cameras are supported by a Web browser and a variety of video management systems including Honeywell’s next generation video management system. And for concentrated security systems requiring hybrid functionality, EQUIP cameras can be installed on Honeywell’s Fusion III DVR. The EQUIP series is designed for applications where object detection is required in general or low-light conditions and object recognition is an integral part of the site’s security and business operation.Honeywell

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