Smarter Security Systems announced that the new Fastlane Door Detective is now easier to install, has expanded access control functionality, and adds further security features. Door Detective, a cost-effective way to secure critical access-controlled doors and prevent tailgating, sets the standard in doorway entrance control, featuring microprocessors programmed with neural network software. Once an access control system grants access to a user and unlocks a door, active infrared beams from door-mounted enclosures monitor how many people pass through the doorway and in what direction. Alarms identify violations and Fastlane’s technology virtually eliminates false alarms. Already easy to install, the new Door Detective now has a simple CAT 5 interconnect between the two enclosures. It also has a separate input that connects with an entry phone system. The new Door Detective also has more infrared beams to better detect attempts to crawl under it. Smarter Security Systems Ltd.

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