Securitron Magnalock Corp. released the Flex-Mount bracket system, a product designed to work with the company’s M62FG Magnalock and GL1 Gate Lock (1,200 lb. and 2,000 lb. holding force, respectively) in commercial gate applications. When compared with traditional gate bracket fabrication, the Flex-Mount system significantly reduces lock installation time, improves adjustability, and provides a professional finished appearance. The Flex-Mount system gives installers a total of 12 possible lock mounting platforms – for swinging or sliding gates. The Flex-Mount bracket system is the direct result of customers demanding a faster, cleaner method for electrically securing perimeter gates using the M62FG and GL1. In order to create a solution that would address the gamut of gate lock installations, the development team combined multiple mounting locations with reversing brackets, along with the option of providing a truly bolt-able or fully weld-able system. Reversing brackets allow the Flex-Mount system to properly engage the gate lock and receiver, even when post and pole gap is as wide as 3-¾-in. or as narrow as 1-in. “The bolt-on nature of the Flex-Mount brackets makes it possible for anyone to install a high-security gate access system without specialized tools. It also provides for highly accurate lock and strike adjustment possible prior to the welding process,” said the company’s representative, Larry Kern. The Flex-Mount brackets will initially be released as pre-packaged kits: the FMK-SW for swinging gates and the FMK-SL for sliding gates. Securitron Magalock Corp.