RISCO Group USA, a leading provider of integrated security systems, is showing their suite of converged security and building management solutions at ISC West 2009 in support of the company’s new initiative. Featured offerings include the company’s SynopSYS™ Integrated Site Management Platform, ProSYS™ IP based Security System, the WatchOut™Reliable Outdoor Detection Solution, and the AGM™ Universal Module for cellular communications from any alarm panel.

“Our suite of converged system solutions provides advanced levels of functionality for enterprise and distributed site operations,” said Len Friedman, President and CEO of RISCO Group USA. “We look forward to building a network of systems integration partners who will play an instrumental role in implementing our new corporate vision and suite of system solutions for a broad spectrum of users.”

Leading RISCO Group USA’s product line is the SynopSYS™ Security and Building Management Platform, a sophisticated software solution that enables simplified and completely integrated site management and control via intuitive, drag and drop based synoptic maps. Designed to provide systems integrators with a competitive edge for easy project implementation, SynopSYS is ideal for commercial and public buildings, complexes and satellite facilities.

The SynopSYS software’s wide range of functions includes control of security, access control, digital video surveillance, fire and flood detection, and building control and maintenance systems such as HVAC and elevators. Networking capabilities provide monitoring of both single and multi-site facilities via WAN or LAN connection, and enable efficient, cost-effective, reliable and rapid response to events. SynopSYS has  true open architecture and together with a Software Development Kit allows simple integration of 3rd party devices and protocols.

RISCO Group ProSYS™ Integrated Security System is ideal for remote site protection with dual-path IP and GSM/GPRS communication. Unique ProSYS benefits and features include Remote Control & Diagnostics of Bus detectors and Auto-Install™ Technology for simple, convenient installation.

The Award Winning WatchOUT™ Reliable Outdoor Detection Solution provides selective event recognition utilizing Sway Recognition™ Technology to recognize and exclude objects that sway but don’t move more than a set distance such as tree limbs and bushes. WatchOUT’s Digital Correlation™ Technology eliminates false alarms from pets, reflections and rapid temperature changes. RISCO Group USA offers a wide range of professional swivels for wall, pole or barrier applications with active IR anti-mask and anti-vandal wire protection. The Wireless WatchOUT model includes active infrared anti-masking functionality, a first for outdoor wireless detectors.

Additionally, RISCO Group USA is launching the AGM™ Universal Module designed to function as a primary or back-up cellular communicator for any manufacturer’s alarm panels with dialers, or as a standalone mini control-panel with integral GSM communication. Reporting is available for up to three central stations via the GSM voice channel or with encryption via the GPRS or SMS channels in conjunction with RISCO Group USA’s IP/GSM Receiver Software at the central station. Like all RISCO Group USA products, the AGM Universal Module is RoHS compliant.