As technology evolves to serve the changing needs of integrated video surveillance and security systems, Altronix continues to expand the scope of its product suite with a wealth of new solutions, designed to supply reliable and consistent power with added functionality.  At ISC West 2009, Altronix is displaying a host of new introductions with emphasis on its new NetWay PoE solutions to meet the industry’s demand for advanced networked systems.

New introductions from Altronix at ISC West 2009 include:

Altronix NetWay is a mid-span PoE solution that lets you maximize your investment in IP video surveillance. NetWay delivers greater functionality and efficiency for IP video systems in 1, 8 and 16 port configurations that accommodate both PoE and conventional IP cameras – including networked PTZs.
HubWay video/data/power transceivers offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for video surveillance applications, sending centralized UTP video, data control protocols and camera power over a single structured cable, thus eliminating the need for coax and the costs of additional wiring.

The new ReServ1 video surveillance Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides simultaneous power for 12VDC and 24VAC cameras during normal and power outage conditions regardless if the external power fails.

Altronix is also showcasing the new SAV line of 12VDC power supplies here at ISC West. The new line of SAV power supplies is ideal for small scale video surveillance system installations where costs are a factor.

“Over the years, security professionals around the world have instilled their confidence in Altronix to keep their mission-critical security operations up and running,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix. “It's this concept that we apply to everything we do at Altronix.”