The House of Representatives recently passed legislation that includes a key legislative priority of the Security Industry Association (SIA): the establishment of a new grant program dedicated to the security of wastewater treatment plants.
The “Chemical and Water Security Act of 2009” (H.R. 2868) would, among other things, create a wastewater treatment plant security grant program within the Environmental Protection Agency and authorize $200 million in annual grants through 2014. The funds could be used for the purchase and installation of security lighting and cameras, door locks, access control equipment, intrusion detection devices and other products that would improve electronic, computer and remote security systems.
“Wastewater treatment plants are among our most critical infrastructure, yet they are also some of the most vulnerable facilities,” said Don Erickson, SIA director of government relations. “This grant program would go a long way toward remedying this and reducing the chances of a criminal or terrorist act that could be disastrous for a community.”
Grants would be available to states, municipalities and interstate agencies. The bill awaits action by the Senate.