At a recent NICET level 1 & 2 class offered by the NTC in Lincolnshire, Ill., a diverse group including experienced technicians, senior sales staff, project designers and newcomers to the fire industry came together with one common goal: to become NICET certified.


With increasing regulations by local and federal government, certifications are quickly becoming a necessity for many in the industry, especially for career advancement. NTC senior instructor, Ed Heyden, identified education as a key requirement for growth in the current industry and economic climate.


Put simply, the class was a crash course on how to efficiently use code books as the only reference material allowed during the NICET exam, a skill that also has everyday applications in design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems. Attendees got plenty of practice with pop quizzes and problem-solving challenges.


Heyden also emphasized the importance of being familiar with the test-taking process, especially because NICET has implemented a new computer-based system. Heyden explained the functionality of the system and provided tips to take advantage of features such as time monitoring and progress summaries as well as warnings to avoid time-wasters.


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