Stanley Convergent Security Solutions (Stanley CSS), Naperville, Ill., today announced the opening of its Washington, D.C. office. This new Stanley CSS office will service the government sector and is located in The Southern Building (805 15th Street, NW) just blocks away from The White House. The Government Program headquarters will be home to Stanley CSS’s National Account Government Program and business development team.

The new office allows Stanley CSS to continue to meet the increased security needs of private and public commercial companies, defense contractors and federal government agencies, stated Stanley CSS in a press release.

It went on to state that the Stanley CSS Government Program has a proven track record of providing government and DOD high security services and systems to select customers who require compliant and customized security solutions. From the new Washington, D.C. office, the CSS government team can service customers throughout the country utilizing the company’s 75-plus local offices to ensure a high degree of conformity.

“The expansion of the Stanley CSS Government Program to include a new office in the Beltway brings our successful program even closer to our government and high security customers,” explained Tony Byerly, president of Stanley CSS - North America and United Kingdom Direct. “Our success in the Government Program comes from a balance of technology, compliance and operational excellence. This new office, just blocks away from the White House, allows us to coordinate our national and global efforts for government customers with more ease.”

“Because compliance is an increasingly important consideration, paired with the critical and sensitive nature of how our customers must interface with the government, our Government Program teams are specially trained and dedicated to work with this specialized group of customers,” stated Chris BenVau, vice president National Accounts at Stanley CSS.

Stanley CSS’s Government Program, Washington D.C. presence, along with positioning as the preferred provider of choice within the federal government sector, is an important growth vertical for the company, described the press release. The Stanley CSS Government Program is led by Dan Myslewski, vice president - Government Program, who is located in the D.C area.

The new office is located at The Southern Building, 805 15th Street NW, Suite 710 Washington, DC 20005; telephone (202) 641-9121. Visit