The 2010 SDM 100 ranks U.S. companies that provide electronic security systems and services to both residential and non-residential customers. This ranking is based on information provided to or, in few cases, estimated by SDM. Ranked companies were asked to submit either an audited or reviewed financial statement, or a copy of their income tax return showing total gross receipts for the stated period. A vast majority of the firms ranked are privately held.

The main table, which begins on page 49, ranks 100 firms by their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) of December 31, 2009. The firm with the highest RMR is ranked as No. 1, and so on. For each of the 100 companies, the following information is provided, from left to right:

Current year rank, which is based on December 31, 2009, RMR. (If two firms have identical RMR, then the total gross revenue for 2009 is the second determining factor used for ranking.)

Prior year rank.

Company name, as used in the marketplace, and headquarters location.

Amount of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) billed on December 31, 2009.

Indication of whether the RMR amount increased, decreased or stayed the same as RMR of December 31, 2008.

Number of subscribers (recurring-billable customers) that each firm counted at year-end 2009.

Amount of sales revenue from residential system installations in 2009.

Amount of sales revenue from non-residential system installations in 2009.

Total gross revenue in millions of dollars. This number represents total revenue in calendar-year or (the company’s) fiscal-year 2009 from security system sales/installation, service, leasing, and monitoring.

Number of full-time employees.

Number of business locations, including headquarters.

Note: An e following the figure indicates it is an SDM estimate

To find a firm by name, use the alphabetical index at left.

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