Diebold Inc., North Canton, Ohio, launched Diebold Fire Detection Solutions and Services, a service delivering fire detection hardware, software, monitoring and services to facilities nationwide, a program designed to help customers mitigate the risk fires pose to their people, facilities and physical assets.

The new offering will enable Diebold to deliver integrated fire and burglar protection to end users in a variety of markets across the United States. The integration of these services can result in increased operational efficiencies, greater consistency, reduced monitoring costs and even savings on insurance premiums for customers, according to a press release issued by Diebold.

“Our customer base has been encouraging us to introduce these solutions and services,” said Bradley Stephenson, vice president, security solutions, Diebold. “They want to engage one partner for both burglary and fire, and they want that partner to be Diebold. We believe fire is a critical element of a holistic approach to security.”

The cornerstone of Diebold’s Fire Detection Solutions and Services is its award-winning
monitoring services. Diebold’s Monitoring Centers are Five-Diamond certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), as well as UL and UL-C certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

Diebold invested in training, certification and processes to bring fire solutions and services to market. Service and sales associates participated in training programs as required by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). Diebold also developed training modules in concert with the Automatic Fire Alarm Association Inc. (AFAA), an industry organization focused on improving the quality, reliability and value of fire and life-safety systems.

Diebold’s Fire Detection Solutions and Services provide immediate emergency notification to alert facility employees and customers of the threat of fire. Diebold provides consultation, integration and management for fire-related offerings through multiple solutions and services, including fire alarm panels, combination fire/burglar alarm panels, detection sensors, pull stations, annunciation devices, system inspection and testing, installation, comprehensive services and maintenance, fire alarm monitoring, and trained and certified specialists.

For information, visit www.diebold.com/firesale.