Visonic Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components, announced this week that its PowerMax solution received the 2010 North American Product Leadership of the Year Award in the In-Building Wireless Networks Market from global research and growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.
Frost & Sullivan uses research to determine how companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership. The research is based on four criteria that were used to benchmark the PowerMax solution’s performance against competitors: product features and functionality, innovation, customer value and quality.
The research established that Visonic has aligned itself to the market dynamics by delivering remote monitoring capabilities and easy-to-use functionalities both for central monitoring stations and security professionals. The firm recognized innovation in the Tower20 outdoor detectors that address efficiency and the ability to perform critical monitoring and control. It mentioned that the Tower20’s numerous patented technologies distinguished it from competing products.
By integrating security systems with Internet protocol for communication, the solution delivers "a highly reliable and cost-efficient platform for security management," the firm said. End users receive remote security control and surveillance services at no additional cost since the system connects to the home Internet infrastructure.
Finally, Frost & Sullivan recognized Visonic's manufacturing capabilities that produce a variety of control panels and devices. The firm noted that Visonic delivers products without compromising on quality, with quality control techniques and setting quality standards under ISO 9001.
“With its innovative features, ease-of-use, and the value it delivers, Visonic's PowerMax clearly stood out compared to competing solutions on the market," said Soundarya G, a research analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “The solution addresses critical home security issues with innovative and sophisticated technologies, without compromising ease-of-use, ease-of-installation and advanced monitoring capabilities.”
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