HID Global announced a portable, dongle-sized USB smart card reader that includes a removable MicroSD™ flash memory slot and reader for subscriber identity module (SIM)-sized contactless smart cards. By supporting flexible memory up to 32GB, the OMNIKEY® 6221 USB reader is both cost effective and a future-proof investment for organizations looking to improve mobile document security.

“Data transported via traditional USB sticks or media such as CDs is vulnerable to unauthorized use through loss or theft…,” said Alan Fontanella at HID Global’s Identity and Access Management business. “We’ve solved this problem by packaging flexible memory and contactless smart card technology into a convenient and robust USB-based mobile-data security design…”

HID Global’s OMNIKEY 6221 delivers data protection and secure content issuance using encryption and digital signatures in conjunction with PIN protection.
For information visit www.hidglobal.com