Security Networks’ Senior Management Team (L-R): Kenneth Wiesenfeld, vice president & CFO; Nicholas B. Perry, business development manager; Richard W. Perry, president & CEO (sitting); Gary Franklyn, vice president, business development; Kurt W. Becker, vice president, field operations; Jack O’Brian, vice president, call center operations (sitting); Carrie W. Wiesenfeld, director of human resources (sitting).

West Palm Beach, Fla.-based Security Networks, a CSAA Five Diamond Certified life safety solutions company, just had its best month ever since it got started in 2000, according to vice president of business development, Gary Franklyn. The company, which recently reached 200 affiliates, runs a dealer program through which it offers marketing and sales support, lead-generation and more to residential and commercial dealers. Franklyn also reports the company grew 35 percent in the last year and expects to go nationwide before the end of 2010.

The strategy? “The accessibility that we offer,” Franklyn says. “Most of our executive management has been in the same position as our affiliates. We’ve all done sales and installation and worrying about customers paying bills, so we can relate to what they go through on an everyday basis. We set programs to be fair to our affiliates. Everyone wins, including customers.”

Security Networks specializes in sales, maintenance and monitoring of commercial and residential burglar alarms, fire alarms, medical alert, access control and CCTV systems through its affiliates, or dealers. The company offers monitoring services through its UL-listed central monitoring station in Kissimmee, Fla.

Franklyn points out that the company strives to create solid partnerships with its affiliates rather than running a conventional dealer funding program. As a means to achieve that goal, Security Networks has developed a unique set of programs that provides affiliates with value-added services that they can offer to their customers:

• Theft protection – Security Networks will pay up to a $1,000 insurance deductible for residential or commercial losses.

• False alarm protection – covers any dispatch fines from local municipalities resulting from equipment malfunction.

• Free customer move – offers a free move of the security system wherever the customer relocates.

• WeatherNet alert service – delivers a personalized weather forecast via e-mail every day with options for Internet-enabled phones.

• IDnet identity theft protection – the company provides its identity theft protection service through InfoArmor, including a $25,000 fraud expense policy, free for 90 days for new customers.

In the case of services like WeatherNet, the company provides a valuable service while putting its name in front of the customer every day. At the same time, it gains a powerful communication venue through which to send security tips and updates. “We install all of these great services but if the customer doesn’t use them, it doesn’t do anyone any good,” Franklyn comments.

ID protection is a service that is in high demand as rising cyber threats target individuals and businesses every day. By offering such a service, bundled with WeatherNet and the more standard protection and moving services, Security Networks provides “perks” designed to help close sales and aid in customer retention in a wide variety of residential and commercial markets.

A key aspect of Security Network’s affiliate program is its ability and willingness to take on all kinds of dealer affiliates of different sizes and strengths. “From a funding aspect, we look for reasons to purchase accounts rather than reasons not to,” Franklyn says. “We’re always looking for opportunities to help affiliates put more money in their pockets.”