At ISC Solutions in booth 1013, LogicMark LLC is exhibiting its new LifeSentry PERS system, which allows dealers to set themselves apart from the competition with several unique features and services.


With this patented full-house, two-way voice communication technology, the user no longer has to shout across the house to a speakerphone box to communicate an emergency to a central station operator. Two-way voice communication takes place right through the ultra-miniature pendant, which is also water-resistant. LifeSentry allows users to communicate instantly and efficiently within many hundreds of feet of their base station. The system typically covers a whole house and well into the front, back and side yards.


With LifeSentry, dealers can choose their own central station; the product accommodates Contact ID and 4+2 format options. System features are remotely programmable.


The newest accessory is the Emergency Wall Communicator. Installers can permanently mount this wireless, waterproof device to a bedside wall or bathroom to provide full, two-way duplex voice communication to the central station. LogicMark supports dealers with private label capability and customized marketing literature.


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