Pelco by Schneider Electric and Zenitel, supplier of the STENTOFON brand of security communication systems, announced the integration of STENTOFON with a range of Pelco video security cameras and systems, including the Pelco Endura system. This integration provides a comprehensive, “interactive” security system that allows security personnel to both see and hear what’s taking place in any situation or emergency, the companies reported.

“This new solution from STENTOFON delivers the tight level of integration that our customers are requesting. The automation, flexibility, and power of this combined audio/video solution helps operators be more efficient in assessing and responding to situations,” said Dave deLisser, director of integration and partnering at Pelco.

The STENTOFON/Pelco interface works by linking all cameras, monitors and intercom stations. When audio communication is established, this integration allows the switching matrix to either display high-definition video streams from cameras to monitors or set up an audio link depending on the camera being viewed.

This new integration is perfect for any security environment, the companies stated, especially control room-based applications where close integration between audio and video is required. It combines high-definition voice and video to provide access to a wide range of critical communication services. Whether it is a PTZ camera pointed at a help point from which a call is received, or allowing a guard to press the same button to set up a communication link, the solution provides control room personnel the advantage and benefit of both sight and sound.

“Having the opportunity to bring the power of the Pelco Endura system to the STENTOFON communication platform allows us to provide a true integration solution for our customers,” said Dan Rothrock, senior vice president OEM Global Sales, Zenitel Group. “The events that trigger the ability to see, speak and listen are now only limited by the system user’s imagination.”

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