Expanded and redesigned to be more informative and user-friendly than ever before, HAI's full-color catalog is twice the size of the 2006 edition. The 2007 Product Catalog lists all HAI products, including new products such as HAI's Omnistat-Z line, OmniTouch 5.7 and OmniTouch 5.7e, Hi-Fi by HAI whole home audio system. It includes detailed system connectivity diagrams, product comparison charts plus new features such as “Designing a Home Automation System” to assist in product selection. The catalog is free and can be downloaded from HAI’s Web site atwww.homeauto.com. A printed copy can be ordered by calling (800) 229-7256, x 226, or e-mailingsales@homeauto.com.

For Free Information visitwww.sdmmag.com/webcardorwww.homeauto.com