The ETA RESI program, launched in 2006, can be easily implemented into current training curriculums already established for programs, such as the DHTI+. Due to the compatibility between the ETA RESI program and CompTIA’s DHTI+, ETA is offering certification rollovers with a fee of $50. Individuals who have obtained a DHTI+ certification can rollover to an ETA Basic RESI certification, plus an AV endorsement. Also, current Basic RESI’s who hold the DHTI+ certification may add the RESI AV endorsement for $30.

ETA International is offering to provide the RESI professional certification for those who design and oversee the installation and integration of electronics systems in residences and light commercial buildings.

The RESI program offers a basic certification examination and five endorsements in audio/video, computer networking, security surveillance, CCTV, and environmental control. Individuals may also achieve Master RESI status by having an extensive knowledge of the operation and technology and a proficiency in each of these areas. The Master RESI requires the candidate to pass comprehensive exams for the Basic RESI, all five endorsements, and a separate Master RESI exam. Founded in 1978, the Electronics Technicians Association, International is a not-for-profit, professional association committed to providing accredited certifications that meet the industry standards. Today, ETA has issued more than 100,000 technical certifications in 50 different certification programs. For more information on the ETA RESI program or certification rollovers, please visit the ETA website at