AVAD LLC is now promoting and distributing Luxul Pro-WAV™ solutions through its North American stores and dealer network. AVAD is a distributor of custom electronics products for home theater, home automation, commercial AV, security, distributed AV, lighting controls, HVAC and more. Pro-WAV products, which expand the wireless coverage area and improve overall network performance, are now available in all 28 AVAD branches.

Using Luxul’s high-performance solutions, wireless home area networks can easily be extended by up to 400 percent, while maintaining high data rates. This allows for delivery of whole-home Wi-Fi coverage using a single wireless access point (WAP) in installations that have traditionally required multiple WAPs. Benefits of using a single WAP for whole home coverage include savings in equipment costs and installation time, as well as more seamless operation with Wi-Fi devices such as touch panels and wireless security cameras.

In addition to Pro-WAV products now being more easily accessible to AVAD’s extensive network of more than 10,000 certified dealers, Luxul will also actively participate in AVAD’s training programs. To assist AVAD dealers with wireless network design, installation, and optimization, Luxul will offer both online and onsite classes through AVAD University, AVAD’s continuing education program that makes manufacturers directly available to dealers.

For information, visit www.avad.com and www.luxulwireless.com.

CEDIA Courses Added
to ESX Seminars

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA), an international trade association that specializes in planning and installing electronic systems for the home, will host a mini-track of technical courses at the 2010 Electronic Security Expo (ESX). The CEDIA mini-track is intended to bring higher levels of value and thought leadership to ESX attendees.

“We’re excited to be adding CEDIA's renowned technical training on custom electronics in a new mini-track at this year’s ESX,” said George De Marco, ESX Expo Chair. “CEDIA accreditation of a number of ESX courses means added value for ESX attendees, enabling them to earn credit toward maintaining their CEDIA certifications by attending select ESX seminars.”

CEDIA, whose specializations include home networking, home automation and communication systems, media rooms, single or multi-room entertainment systems, and integrated whole-house subsystems that provide lighting control, security and HVAC systems, will offer the following courses:

• Fundamentals of Residential Lighting and Lighting Control

• Fundamentals of Multi-Room Audio Systems

• Fundamentals of Home Theater Design

“CEDIA University’s industry-leading education will help industry newcomers gain the valuable knowledge and skills needed to establish credibility in the residential electronic systems industry,” said Utz Baldwin, CEDIA's chief executive officer.

CEDIA seminars, along with all other ESX seminars, can be purchased a-la-carte and start at $59 for members. All ESX seminars, as well as special networking events, are included in the Deluxe Registration Package.

For information on the conference program, call 877-628-9558 or visit www.esxweb.com.