If alternative energy sources have business legs, as reported in the article above, “Modern Lifestyles + Alternative Energy = More Options for Home Electronic System Contractors,” the approaching smart grid will send a jolt of energy through businesses ranging from the biggest control and appliance companies to home systems firms and then down to existing and new homeowner clients.
That’s exactly why the August print issue of smartHOME brought to you by SDM Magazine will focus on the smart grid — it’s obvious that the concept will be a game changer. Just in the last week or so, GE Appliances & Lighting became the world's first appliance manufacturer to achieve ZigBee Smart Energy certification for its "smart" and smart grid-enabled appliances. This will enable GE's smart grid-enabled appliances to communicate wirelessly with utility companies via smart meters to help consumers better manage their electricity use and utilities better manage overall power consumption during peak times.
And with its iconic thermostat in millions of homes, Honeywell just scooped by Akuacom, a leader in automated demand response technology and services for the smart grid.
Electronic system contractors will help educate homeowners to the advantages of the game-changing concept while also extending benefits from the smart meter through the home. It’s a big and fast-approaching assignment. A research report this spring by Parks Associates estimates only about one in ten of U.S. consumers are familiar with the term though more than 50 million smart meters will be in use by 2014.
Set your sights on smart grid coverage in the August print issue of smartHOME.