ONVIF, a global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, announced that the number of ONVIF-conformant products, including network cameras and video management systems, has reached more than 600.

“Three months ago, in October 2010, the number of ONVIF-conformant products was about 300. Since then the number has doubled, which is an astounding increase,” said Jonas Andersson, Axis Communications, chairman of ONVIF’s steering committee. The organization stated that this rapid increase of the number of ONVIF-conformant products is making it easier day by day for end users, integrators and consultants to build best-of-breed security solutions from multiple vendors.

Apart from the growth of ONVIF-conformant products, ONVIF members have increased to more than 250, including 15 full members, 23 contributing members and 220 user members.

With the recently released ONVIF Core Specification 2.0, ONVIF is now extending the reach of its specifications to video storage, display devices, video analytics and several other areas. To the organization, this means getting even closer to its goal of facilitating simple integration of IP-based physical security equipment using a global open network interface.