Visitor Badge

Time-expiring visitor badges change color to prevent reuse and to eliminate the need for employees to collect them from visitors who have left a facility. But since their invention almost 30 years ago, these expiring badges have always required multiple pieces to activate the color-changing process and sometimes the person issuing the badge doesn’t always assemble all the pieces properly. Now there’s an expiring visitor badge, for electronic as well as manual visitor management systems, that takes the guesswork out of activating it: the Direct Thermal TAB-Expiring Visitor Pass, from Data Management Inc.’s line of “Visitor Pass Solutions” security products. “It’s called ‘TAB-Expiring’ because it has a tab extending from one end of the self-adhesive label,” said Brian Gallagher of DMI. “Instead of multiple parts, all of the expiration components are self-contained into one piece, making activation virtually foolproof.” After the visitor’s information is printed (or written) onto the badge, it is peeled from its liner, and the tab is folded behind the badge to activate the color-changing chemistry. Overnight, a “VOID” image appears on the badge. Once activated, the tamperproof expiring process cannot be reversed, ensuring that every visitor badge will change color to void itself.

Data Management Inc.

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