HID Global, Irvine, Calif., a provider of solutions for the delivery of secure identity, announced its worldwide certification of compliance with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)-9001:2008 specifications. The global certification affirms that HID Global’s processes and procedures meet rigorous quality requirements.

“HID Global has made the ISO quality standard an integral tool for ensuring consistent quality through a scalable set of world-class policies, practices and procedures, while also demonstrating our commitment to providing quality products and services to our customers,” said Rodney Glass, vice president of global quality with HID Global. “Our global certification, coupled with our proven ability to develop and deliver innovative products and services, is reflective of our focused and relentless commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It is one of our key, strategic priorities and a cornerstone of our Genuine HID value proposition, ensuring that our customers, partners and other stakeholders can invest in us with confidence.”

A developer and publisher of international standards, ISO is a network of the national standards institutes of 163 countries. The ISO 9000 standards are a collection of formal international standards, technical specifications, technical reports, handbooks and web-based documents on quality management. HID Global’s ISO 9001:2008 certification of compliance will ensure that customers receive the same levels of quality from any of its locations, worldwide, the company said.