The last half-decade has seen dizzying changes in all things “communications.” Social media took the whole world by storm, mobile phones have redefined the word “connected,” and one of the most relevant news sources broadcasts worldwide at a rate of 140 characters or less. The way we receive information is different and the advantages are clear, especially in the business sector. In the security industry, this means an enhanced trade show experience through virtual platforms.

Tomorrow, a free online trade show and conference organized by SDM and Security magazines returns for a second year to put the security industry at your fingertips, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST. Through a virtual environment, iSecurity will give end users, dealers, integrators and vendors the chance to connect and learn about new products and best practices in a new low-pressure environment, free of stress from tight schedules, tight travel budgets or tight shoes.

Attendees will be able to visit booths and receive plenty of one-on-one time with vendor representatives while perusing whitepapers, product specifications, videos and many more downloadable resources. Trade shows can do more than just offer a brief introduction to a peer, trend or product solution. Leveraging the power of the virtual platform, this trade show allows attendees to get all of the information they need instantly, ask fully informed questions, and even discuss new developments and products with peers and field experts through open chats, Q&A sessions and private messages. Message anyone, anytime, from anyplace. Expanding your network has never been this easy, fast or convenient.

The virtual trade show platform eliminates the hassle and cost of travel, minimizing down-time and maximizing effective communications through live chatting and offering resources for download-on-demand.

The March show will also feature several webinars created and moderated by SDM, Security and smartHome editors, featuring industry insiders on all-new topics including new opportunities in RMR and best practices in hiring for short-term projects.

The distinctiveness of an event like this comes through in many comments from last year’s attendees. “I could quickly move from booth to booth to look for new technology,” one attendee said. In fact, moving from booth to booth just takes a click. Visiting and revisiting booths to ask additional questions or gather documentation you might have missed the first time doesn’t require walking in circles. Other attendees cited unique interaction through the virtual trade show platform and found especially useful, “The ability to ask questions in an open forum or a private chat. With a quick response.”

iSecurity’s doors are open all day. Attend the full day or on and off throughout Wednesday. Webinars and Q&A sessions are archived for the day and will remain online for three months after the show to fit your schedule. Don’t forget to visit the SDM and Security booth to meet and chat with our staff, share your latest company news, suggest an article idea or give us some feedback.

Sign up at iSecurity 2011 opens tomorrow at 10 a.m. EST at a computer near you.