Wireless Alarm System

Visonic Ltd. launched the PowerMaster-10 wireless alarm system. Using a combination of advanced and military-grade communication technologies, PowerMaster-10 is a cost-effective, reliable wireless intruder alarm system that provides security professionals with easy installations and central monitoring stations with remote diagnostic and maintenance tools. It offers many benefits, including green, energy-saving technology, vast transmission range, and a new toolset for fast and easy installations. At the core of the system is PowerG technology, which uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology, derived from military communication applications, to successfully overcome intentional and unintentional interferences and jamming. It employs AES-128 advanced encryption to protect the home alarm system from sophisticated intruders, code grabbing and message substitution by hackers. Message collisions are eliminated with full two-way TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) synchronized communication technology. With remote enrollment, configuration and review capabilities for all peripherals, installations are easy and fast. And with powerful onsite RF diagnostic tools, remote system maintenance is also possible. The large transmission range (2,000m/ 6,000 ft. line of sight) means that large premises can be completely protected without the need for repeaters, Visonic stated. PowerMaster-10 also has been designed for minimum power consumption.

Visonic Ltd.