Because many security/access control peripheral devices require fully regulated output voltage for proper operation, Linear LLC introduced two new 24W Plug-in-Power (PIP) supplies to help run them. The new Linear PIPs offer a significant increase in performance over traditional transformer-based, step-down PIPs that inherently deliver unregulated output voltage. The units — PIP24VDCRU and PIP12VDCRU — utilize fixed frequency fly back switching topology, helping them achieve +/- 1 percent output voltage regulation from 0 to 100 percent load and from 90 – 264 VAC input voltage range. Linear switch mode PIPs are highly efficient, and are significantly lighter in weight. “Our PIPs exceed the new government EISA standard, while providing a better power supply technology for our customers’ applications,” said John LaFond at Linear Commercial Access. A significant advantage offered by the new units is compliance with EISA 2007 standards with less than 0.5W of standby power. This key advantage will allow security and access control dealers to participate in markets where compliance to new “green” energy efficiency standards is mandatory.

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