A marketing campaign for G4S Secure Solutions has turned into a global fundraising effort after a song meant to publicize new branding, called “Securing Your World” by recording artist Jon Christopher Davis and record producer Sparky Pearson, was played live at an event and became an instant hit with employees and customers.

G4S executives are hopeful that a large proportion of their global workforce will support the download of their new G4S song and in doing so, the company hopes to raise substantial funds for charity.

Nick Buckles, chief executive officer, G4S plc commented on this initiative, “The G4S song ‘Securing Your World’ was such a hit with employees, that our management team thought it would be a great opportunity to use it to raise funds for people in need — specifically families and children. We are encouraging G4S employees worldwide to help make this charitable effort a success, and ask that they get their friends and families involved as well.”

The song was performed live at a reception attended by more than 650 customers, partners and G4S employees. Requests for the song started pouring into G4S shortly thereafter, and sparked the idea for the fundraiser. “Securing Your World” is now available for download at www.G4Srocks.com.

 Nick Buckles continued, “The proceeds from ‘Securing Your World’ have the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives. This is a simple and fun way for everyone at G4S to be part of something special. I hope they all join in the effort.”