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The “Voice of the Customer” session at DMP's Dealer Forum. PHOTO BY SDM STAFF

Bob Dylan’s famous lyrics aptly apply to the state of communications technologies in the security industry, pointed out Jim Lovinggood of Blue Ridge Security, Anderson, S.C., in a presentation called “The Reality of Changing Communications” at Springfield, Mo.-based Digital Monitoring Products’ (DMP) Dealer Forum held Tuesday in Las Vegas before ISC West.

Lovinggood shared Blue Ridge’s transition from phones lines to radio-only installations. “When we made the decision to transition to only radio we thought it was the right idea at the time. Now, looking back on it, I’m not so sure that it wasn’t the best idea we ever had,” said Lovinggood.

Lovinggood was one of many presenters at DMP’s Dealer Forum, where sessions touched on a wide range of topics. In another technology-focused session, Jon Adams, customer operations center manager at Atlas Security Service Inc., Springfield, Mo., shared the company’s addition of managed access to its service offerings and laid out a well-presented, strong case for the technology. Atlas offers manages access, hosted access and dealer hosting. The two biggest payoffs Adams emphasized were the recurring monthly revenue (RMR) and increased customer loyalty.

“When entering managed access, you need to realize that you are entering into a much closer relationship with your customers that you’ve ever had before. You are in contact with them more, but that contact increases loyalty to you,” said Adams.

“We’re all looking for RMR and at Atlas we have found no better way of generating more revenue and developing customer loyalty than managed access.”

Audrey Pierson, DMP’s director of sales for the western region, led a sales-focused workshop on creating word pictures that sell, helping dealers learn how to help prospects visualize the real-world benefits security systems can create for them.

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Attendees at DMP's Dealer Forum brainstorm new products they'd like to see DMP develop. One of the top requests? A wireless carbon monoxide (CO)/smoke detector with a replaceable CO chamber. PHOTO BY SDM STAFF

“Using words that sell focuses on creating pictures with words that then allow end users to relate emotionally and intellectually. You engage the heart and then the mind makes the sale,” said Pierson. 

In a lively “Voice of the Customer” session, attendees at the forum brainstormed new products they'd like to see DMP develop. One of the top requests? A wireless carbon monoxide (CO)/smoke detector with a replaceable CO chamber; a wired keypad with a wireless receiver built in; Z-Wave technology; and an iPhone/Android app.  

From the list of new ideas and the energetic buzz in the room surrounding the topic of new products, one thing is for sure, technology is definitely a-changin’ —  and the industry is ready to capitalize on it.  

”We had a successful dealer forum event today,” said Mark Hillenburg, DMP's executive director of marketing, who led the “Voice of the Customer” session with Melissa Pitfield, DMP's director of marketing communications. “DMP dealers had the opportunity to voice their marketing and product ideas, which is core to our values and mission statement. They also networked with other dealers while learning about successes in their marketplace, and participated in sales-related workshops. All in all, it was beneficial for both the dealer and DMP and we foresee hosting more of these events.  For more information on DMP, visit www.dmp.com.