3M Cogent, Booth 23097 —MiY-ID is 3M Cogent’s newest outdoor, multi-functional, biometric access control reader that provides secure access control with a configurable workflowto meet the user’s unique security needs. The reader can interface virtually with any PACS system and also supports government credentials such as PIV, TWIC, and CAC.

MiY-ID features an Ingress Protection Level (IP) 64 with built-in TLS encrypted Ethernet and PIV-approved matchers, fingerprint scanner, and contact/contactless CHUID readers.

3M Cogent describes the device as highly sophisticated and accurate, featuring an application development platform that allows the customization of almost any part of the product to literally “Make it Yours” (MiY).

For information, visit www.cogentsystems.com/MiY-ID.asp