SeCube USA, Booth 39000— SeCube recently released the eWitness “Body Worn” mobile surveillance product line for use in law enforcement, security, and military applications.The eWitness is the first product of an innovative line of body worn MDVR recorders. It is body worn DVR which offers features including GPS latitude, longitude and velocity burnt in to video footage; digital high definition megapixel primary camera; high resolution secondary camera built into the Controller; 720P high definition recording; pre-event recording; still image capture; and law enforcement secure and tamperproof password protected files saved to solid state memory.

With various mounting options the system can be adapted for multiple uses, continuous and event recording is stored on a solid state memory. When used to its full potential, the eWitness Body Worn DVR System is an effective tool to limit liability, document incidents, provide training, and prosecute criminals, the company stated.

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