Network camera inbody

Vicon Industries Inc. introduced the new, comprehensive V960 line of fixed cameras, which the company described as delivering superior resolution, image quality and performance when used as part of any ONVIF-compliant video management system. These true day/night cameras are available in block, indoor dome, outdoor dome and bullet housings with a variety of lens options. All are offered with resolutions of 1080p, 720p and D1 (2 MP, 1.3 MP and VGA). A removable IR-cut filter provides superior image quality around the clock, while image quality is further enhanced by use of a P-iris that precisely optimizes the balance between lighting and depth-of-field, Vicon noted. The cameras transmit H.264 compression with dual streaming; up to nine secondary streams may be H.264 or M-JPEG and vary in resolution, frame rate and image quality. Remote focus capabilities, combined with power-over-Ethernet, facilitate easy installation. All models share a common, intuitive Web interface for set-up and maintenance.

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