Omni-Bus Lighting

Technology goes international as home automation and controls spread. Photo Courtesy of HAI

Omni-Bus Lighting Control Network, for the 220-240V/50Hz international marketplace, hardwired or wireless, are in four segments from HAI of New Orleans: core products (required), load control modules, switch interfaces and accessories.  Products are available for control of lighting loads, fans, motors, pumps and more.

Twenty-seven new SKUs are available, including two styles of switch interfaces (white and brushed stainless) with wired and wireless options available. The interfaces may be used to control things such as shades, audio and more. Using HAI's 6-channel universal switch interface module, third-party switches can control the Omni-Bus network and anything within an HAI system. Additionally, lighting may be integrated into HAI scenes, enabling lighting to be controlled by schedule, time, event and more. 

Each hardwired switch connects to the Omni-Bus network using Cat-5. Omni-Bus communicates with Omni or Lumina home control systems using the Interface Translator DIN Rail Module, termed the "Gateway of the Omni-Bus system."  Programming is accomplished with a simple software tool using the USB Programming Interface Unit.