Largest Video Camera

The world’s largest CCTV camera has a resolution of 540TVL with 36x WD (f=3.4 – 122.4mm wide dynamic range) optical zoom, according to PT. Telview Technology of Jakarta, Indonesia. The camera measures 15ft x 5.6ft x 5.2ft and it is made of steel reinforced fiber glass. Together with its 43.3-foot tall tower, it took six months to build. The manufacturer constructed this functioning, record-breaking camera as a symbol for its community.

The company stated, “This giant CCTV camera has been built upon our mission to raise ‘security awareness’ in our society. With this security awareness, we expect all of us could grasp the idea that public security in our country is not only government’s responsibility but also ours. With this awareness, we believe that our country will become a safer place to live in.

The camera has been installed on the side of the PT. Telview Technology office building, located at Jl. Pajajaran No. 26, Bandung, Indonesia.

“This world biggest CCTV camera will symbolize the ‘rise of security awareness’ in our homeland and also in the world,” the company added.

At a ceremony to commemorate the installation of the camera being held July 10, 2011, the Museum Rekor Dunia Indonesia, or world record museum of Indonesia, will present the company with a certificate, giving the camera the record title of “Biggest CCTV camera.”