Protection 1 screen shot

“If FedEx knows where your package is, we should be able to tell you where your technician is,” said Jamie Haenggi, chief marketing and customer experience officer at Protection 1. With that line of thinking, Protection 1, Romeoville, Ill., ranked the second largest electronic security company in the United States in the SDM 100, announced the nationwide launch of Tech Tracker(sm), a service that notifies customers when a service technician is on the way, to growing customer accolades.

“Two of the greatest frustrations of customers — whether they’re homeowners or business owners — are calling in for customer service and waiting around for service technicians to arrive,” said Protection 1 president and chief executive officer Timothy Whall. Tech Trackersm is just one more way we’re using technology and good old-fashioned common sense to enhance our customer service.”

The value of Tech Tracker(sm) is two-fold: it lets the customer go about his or her day, notifying them when their technician is en route; and it provides a photo of their technician with a list of certifications and qualifications to provide the customer with peace of mind.

“Technology is wonderful but, if you’re not careful, it can get between you and your customers,” said chief marketing and customer experience officer Jamie Haenggi. “Our aim is to use technology to better serve our customers without removing the human element of service, which is critical for a lasting relationship.”

Customers can also reply to the e-mail notifications, which are read and responded to live by Protection 1 staff, to reschedule the call, advise they are running late, etc.

“It’s amazing seeing the e-mails going back and forth… It allows us to be more dynamic. We have the ability to [have that instant communication] without the client having to dial an 800 number,” explained Joe Sanchez, senior vice president of customer operations, who worked in developing the service.

Protection 1 has been offering the Tech Tracker(sm) service since February of this year. The company has also seen a reduction in call volume to reschedule service calls, less missed appointments as the notifications also serve to remind customers of the appointment, as well as positive response from its own technicians. Haenggi noted that what the service does is increase technicians’ accountability and visibility. The visibility of the technicians’ credentials has even inspired many of them to seek out more training and more certifications.

Protection 1 also eliminated its automated attendant when customers call in. “When calling for service, our customers don’t want to waste time pushing buttons,” she said. “They want to speak to a real person — and they deserve to.”