New technology is enabling residents to see who is at their apartment complex or front door from anywhere in the world. Video door phones that can be connected to a network are allowing homeowners who have a smartphone or Internet access to remotely view visitors and grant access to either communal or residential areas.

“The core functionality of a video door phone has remained largely unchanged for some time,” comments IMS Research analyst Emma Chapman. “As the market has matured, an increase in competition based on cost has resulted in significant price pressure.” Savvy door phone manufacturers have innovated new functionalities to refresh and expand the product. In addition to remote viewing through a smartphone, visitors can use an embedded SD card to record a video message if the homeowner does not answer. Furthermore, recording can be triggered by a motion detector in the video door phone, turning the system into a security product.

This additional functionality aligns itself with the “lifestyle” appeal of the video door phone, enhancing the homeowner experience and widening the appeal from being only a method of entry.