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AMAG Technology announced its new Javelin S884 contactless smart card reader. It can operate as a standard reader with versions of Symmetry™ Security Management software 6 and above or as a fully functional, intelligent alarm keypad when used with Symmetry Homeland V7, the Symmetry Intrusion Management module and Symmetry M2150 multiNODE controllers. The Javelin S884 reads NXP MIFARE® and MIFARE® DESFire smart cards, in addition to Personal Identity Verification (PIV), Transportation Worker Identity Credential (TWIC) and First Responder Authentication Card (FRAC) cards. An LCD graphical display verifies card acceptance or rejection, and prompts a user’s PIN to verify command functions. Access control and intrusion messaging such as PIN prompts, door information and intrusion area alarm status is displayed using configurable text, icons and user friendly graphical images. “Government customers can now utilize a powerful integrated access control and intrusion management solution to secure their buildings, classified information and employees,” said AMAG Technology’s Matt Barnette.

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