PIR Camera

A few years ago, Speco Technologies introduced the Digital Deterrent™ System which is available in the TH Family of DVRs. Once motion is detected by a surveillance camera networked to a DVR, an alarm is triggered and a custom audio/visual warning is automatically projected, so the perpetrator believes he is actually being watched. For crime prevention, a custom sound file (.wav file) can be recorded (for example, “Warning – you are under surveillance”), transported and saved to the hard drive in the DVR. The motion sensor for a specific camera would be set so that when motion is detected, an alarm is triggered which initiates the sound file while a strobe light goes off at the same time. Now another crime-deterrent product is being introduced. Speco Technologies’ PIR Cameras include a unique PIR sensor along with built-in white IR LEDs. When motion is detected by the built-in PIR sensor, the LEDs will automatically turn on intense bright lights towards the camera viewing area. This will alert the perpetrator that a camera is recording which should chase the criminal away before the event occurs. These tamperproof and weather-resistant day/night cameras feature high resolution and an auto-iris varifocal lens for clear video capture.

Speco Technologies

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