Security Cameras

The WZ Series Integrated IR Bullet and Dome Cameras from Bosch Security Systems Inc. provide reliable round-the-clock surveillance in any lighting condition. The cameras offer resolutions up to 540 TVL and night vision imaging up to a distance of 150 ft. At the top of the line, the WZ-20 has a 5 to 50 mm varifocal auto-iris IR-corrected lens, which delivers the same sharp image quality day or night. With 30 high-power LEDs, the infrared capability provides night vision up to 150 ft., and CCD technology from Bosch delivers outstanding response to infrared illumination with low-smear and low-streak images. The WZ-18 features a 2.8 to 12 mm varifocal auto-iris lens and a dual window IR-cut and IR-pass filter for vivid color during the day. The WZ-16 includes a 3.8 to 9.5 mm varifocal lens with mechanical filter technology for accurate daytime color. The affordable WZ-14 has a 4 mm fixed lens and infrared capabilities up to 49 ft. The user-friendly WZ-45 Integrated IR Dome camera features a 540 TVL mechanical filter CCD and 18 high-efficiency LEDs for vibrant daytime color and 60 ft. of active infrared night vision. The entire range is designed for indoor and outdoor environments with robust aluminum water-resistant or all-weather housings that survive the elements.

Bosch Security Systems

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