Salient Systems released the RM2000hybrid video management server available in 4-channel increments from 4 to 32 analog inputs. In addition to the flexibility of the analog inputs, the RM2000 supports up to a recommended maximum of 50 camera sources, providing support for simultaneous IP and analog camera recording.

The RM2000 transitions customers easily from analog to IP simply by removing the 4-channel analog card and replacing it with 4 IP channels at no extra charge. Powered by CompleteView™, Salient’s video management software, this offering is a highly efficient, low-cost, video surveillance solution.

Salient’s professional-class servers are industry leading, value-oriented digital video surveillance systems built for the rigors of continuous-duty operation. With Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU power, 5 Easy-Access HDD bays for field swaps, 4GB of system memory and fully available video storage from 4TB to 10TB, the RM2000 represents the ultimate advantage in hybrid video solutions, according to its manufacturer.

“We are excited to bring the RM2000 to the market to solidify Salient’s position as the ‘transition leader’ from analog to IP. This product follows the recent announcement of the RM3000, our 75-channel IP-only server. The combination of server offerings gives customers a variety of options to meet their video surveillance needs,” explained Brian Carle, product manager at Salient Systems.

For information, visit www.salientsys.com.