1. Passive Infrared motion detectors operate best when

a) movement is towards the detector.

b) movement is away from the detector.

c) movement is across the field of view of the detector.

d) the detector is aimed towards the window or door it’s protecting.


2. According to industry standards, motion detectors can afford complete coverage.

a) True

b) False


3. Normally closed contacts are

a) in the closed state when the magnet is in proximity to the switch.

b) in the closed state when the magnet is not in proximity to the switch.

c) in the open state when the magnet is not in proximity to the switch.

d) only used in holdup or panic switch applications.


4. Waterflow switches are normally of the _______ type.






5. The best type of detection device for a property perimeter would be

a) PIR motion detectors.

b) ultrasonic detectors.

c) single photoelectric detectors.

d) stacked photoelectric detectors.


6. In order to reduce false dispatches, the proper operator procedure upon receipt of an outdoor area alarm is to

a) verify, call police, then call the emergency contacts.

b) call police, verify, then call the emergency contacts.

c) do nothing. We don’t want a false alarm fine.

d) verify, then notify the owner.


7. An acceptable method of protecting a car distributorship lot is to use

a) leaky coax.

b) photoelectric beam detectors.

c) motion detection.

d) Either a or c

e) Either a or b

f) All of the above


8. In a normally open device, the end of line resistor belongs

a) at the device across the circuit in parallel.

b) at the device in series with the circuit.

c) at the control panel in parallel with the circuit.

d) at the control panel in series with the circuit.


9. In cold locations sprinkler systems that protect loading docks should be designed by the alarm contractor so that

a) there is no water in the piping that protrudes to unheated areas.

b) the entire system is a dry system.

c) there is antifreeze mixed with the water to prevent freezing.

d) an alarm is triggered by an activation of the waterflow device on the system properly designed by a sprinkler contractor.


10. Ultrasonic detection devices transmit sound waves that can be heard by the human ear.

a) True

b) False


11. A smoke detector used for a safe or vault alarm detection system should

a) be part of the fire alarm system.

b) be part of the burglar alarm system and transmit a burglary signal to the monitoring station.

c) be considered a life safety detection device when doing inspections.

d) not be used as it is not permitted.


12. An end of line resistor is provided because

a) UL demands the manufacturers to provide them.

b) they are used to enhance the security of the detection circuit by supervising the wiring when properly installed.

c) they reduce current flowing in the circuit allowing manufacturers to provide smaller power supplies thereby reducing the cost of the alarm panels.

d) they supervise the alarm panel and protect from grounds on the alarm circuit.



5-Minute Tech Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to 5-Minute Tech Quiz which appears on page 160.

1) c

2) b — UL requires contacts on moveable openings be provided for complete protection in addition to a motion device.

3) b — normal means that the switch is by itself without any outside force exerting force on it.

4) b — waterflow devices have two sets of terminals. One is usually for a bell connection and the other for the alarm wiring connection.

5) d

6) d

7) e

8) a

9) d

10) a — although designed to be silent, some people have sensitive hearing and can hear the high pitch tone of the ultrasonic.

11) b — smoke detectors protect safes and vaults from attack by a torch. When used for this purpose the device should be labeled on the face as “not a life safety device.”

12) b — if not used properly (i.e., installed at the control panel) an installer could face liability in the event of a breach of the system by an intruder.



What’s Wrong With This?

Landscape with Tree and Sun - Tech Quiz

An alarm technician was installing an outdoor perimeter protection system. The technician used a 4 in. by 4 in. aluminum pole mounted in concrete. He tested the system and the out-door beams would not trip on a consistent and reliable basis. Can you see what he did wrong?











Answer to: What’s Wrong With This?

Landscape with Tree and Sun

The alarm technician stacked his beams with both receivers and transmitters mounted on the same pole respectively. The alarm technician needed to alternate the beams so that the upper or lower transmitter did not send a signal to both receivers at the same time. (The pole was a distraction. It simply meant that he hadn’t mounted the system on found fence poles that would sway in the wind and also cause inconsistent operation).