Micro Key


Micro Key Solutions, Kissimmee, Fla., a provider of software solutions for the security alarm industry, created a new program to help users get the most out of Micro Key’s automated solutions. Micro Key recently announced a series of new skills-based courses delivered online through newly formed Micro Key University (MKU).

These online courses are formatted with lectures, labs and exams to ensure that employees learn, understand and become power users of the Millennium Series™ Software. Topics will cover entry-level subjects, data-entry, prospect tracking, accounting, monitoring, as well as advanced level classes like data mining, report builder, central station supervisor and system administrator. The classes are presented by task rather than by software module, making them very specific to each job description within the user’s organization.

Victoria Ferro, Micro Key’s newly appointed president, said, “MKU courses are ‘how to’ based and job task oriented, enabling alarm dealer and central station personnel to focus on what they need to know to maximize their use of the software and be more proficient on the job. MKU students will be saving valuable training time by learning only those features of the software that they will use. We are going to be offering 100, 200, 300 and 400 level courses that will enable users to advance through the training as their level of expertise evolves. We are very excited about this new approach and know it is going to be beneficial to our users.”

For information, visit www.microkey.com.