20 MP Arecont Vision camera

Arecont Vision’s SurroundVideo 20-megapixel H.264 cameras provide 180-deg. or 360-deg. panoramic views and can replace up to 65 conventional cameras. The all-in-one models are solutions for applications where mechanical PTZ devices might otherwise be used or where multiple cameras would be needed to view expansive coverage areas. The 20-megapixel day/night panoramic camera represents Arecont Vision’s third generation of panoramic megapixel cameras. The 20-megapixel panoramic cameras use four, high-sensitivity 5-megapixel sensors, each offering a 2592 by 1944-pixel view at 11.5 fps, for a total image area of 10,368 by 1944 pixels at 2.8 fps. The cameras use dual H.264 and MJPEG encoders. These panoramic cameras also can be binned to 1.25 megapixels per sensor, increasing light sensitivity. Models are available with day/night functionality and an integrated heater and blower. The IP66-rated environmental chassis and polycarbonate dome are vandal-resistant and eliminate the need for external housing.

Arecont Vision

For free information enter number 406 at www.sdmmag.com/webcard or www.arecontvision.com