Bullet camera

Videology added its latest bullet camera, model 20W7-Y, to the company’s lineup. The camera is a high-resolution, color, dual-voltage camera with a 3.5–16 mm integrated varifocal lens. Designed for high-ceilinged, wide-pan or long focal requirements, the 20W7-Y reduces installation cost and errors by allowing for installations without a drill or screwdriver. The 12VDC/24VAC camera mounts vertically or horizontally, and integrated, industrial-grade locking screws make it easy to position or reposition the camera. The integrated mounting bracket allows for total flexibility, as it enables fast and easy mounting to a wide range of ceiling support designs, including trusses, beams, unistrut and standard red iron. Whether installed vertically or horizontally, the mount allows for tool-free rotation adjustment along both vertical and horizontal axes. The camera has an externally adjustable wide angle to telephoto lens, which provides maximum coverage with minimum hands-on adjustment.

Videology Imaging Solutions Inc.

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