EL_ID150EasyLobby has partnered with AssureTec Technologies to offer AssureTec’s ID authentication system as part of EasyLobby’s suite of visitor solutions, allowing users to scan driver’s licenses for authenticity and accurately capture the information and the photo. The AssureTec ID-150 product is capable of reading both sides of a driver’s license simultaneously and automatically comparing the data on the magnetic strip or 2D barcode on the back of the license and the information on the front. It extracts all available data fields, as well as the photo, and within seconds runs multiple forensic tests specific to that license. All current issue and most previous issue licenses are supported from all U.S. states, Canadian provinces and many licenses from around the world. The ID-150 is sold in conjunction with EasyLobby’s Secure Visitor Management (SVM) software. “Many of our customers want to accurately and quickly capture visitor data and the photo from a driver’s license as well as to authenticate the license to make sure it is valid,” said Howard Marson, EasyLobby CEO. “By using AssureTec’s patented technology, our customers can now do both within seconds using a single piece of equipment.” For information visit www.easylobby.com